I don't have any idea what kind of articles to write about; I'm out of article ideas~ if these lines sound familiar to you, then you're definitely at the right place to sort out this problem.

Not only you, but almost every blogger had been in the phase for quite a while & it's known as writer's block if you don't know.

When you're a newbie blogger, you get out of ideas for writing articles. Author looses the ability to produce new contents. 

So, if you're in the same position, then you need a spark to charge up your brain with ideas. Well, this is what I'm going to talk about.

So, let's get into the main topic..​

  • How To Find Interesting Article Ideas 

Read Blogs Similar To Your Niche

The first tip that I would recommend you is, reading blogs similar to your niche. That makes sense, right?

Select blogs within your niche, then start reading their articles. This trick will help you to brainstorm article ideas.

To stay updated, subscribe to their newsletters ​or use a feed reader to subscribe their blogs and read at least one article a day to keep yourself updated.

I'm not telling you to copy them, but what working for them should work for you as well. 

When you read article thoroughly, you'll find external links, notice down those anchor texts and do keyword research.

This is an example from one of my article "How To Increase Blog Traffic."

article ideas

Or you can read comments on popular websites within your niche. Because you can find a lot of queries asked over there and from those queries, you can write a new article.

This is an example from my recent post "How to rank a Micro Niche Site." You guys asked many questions, but here I'm listening 3 only though I've answered all those queries.

Query #1

article ideas from comments

Query #2

articles ideas

Query #3

interesting article ideas

Well, this tactic is not new at all. Find your competitors, and then find their ranking keywords.

Like I said before, don't copy the entire blog. Pick 10 different blogs, and analyze which article you can crack on the first page of Google.

So, how to find popular articles of your competitors for article ideas?

You can use a free & well-known service for this called BuzzSumo.​ It's absolutely an amazing blogging tool.

Visit Buzzsumo, and enter the domain name of your competitor, and it will show you the most shared URLs of that domain.

Let's say you're into blogging/SEO niche; then you might enter "shouterbuzz.com" into Buzzsumo & you will get the following ​results.

interesting article ideas

As you can see, BuzzSumo provided the correct data. These are the most shared/influenced articles of ShouterBuzz, as of now.

Just go ahead and write something similar and better, and your audience will love it as well.

Taking it one step further...

These free tools have limitations which is pretty obvious. However, you can use Ahrefs (The ultimate SEO tool).

Buzzsumo will only display you the articles based on social signals not based on ranking keywords, right?

So, if you've Ahrefs, then you can find the ranking keywords of your competitors' site on the first page. Eventually, ​you can target the same keywords for ranking.

You can also use the free version, but it will display you only 5 articles that are ranking, but still something is better than nothing.

Here is an example from Ahrefs' dashboard...​

article ideas

So, you can get some articles to write about. However, what worked for your competitors might not work for you because there are a lot of factors to be considered.

Only pick the competitors that haven't established themselves as an authority. Like, if you're competing with sites like Mashable,  Huffington, then it's a waste of time unless you're an experienced & skillful blogger.


Join Q&A (Question & Answer) Websites To Find Articles Ideas

There are plenty of question & answer sites available, but only a few of them is worth for finding blog post ideas. 

The best Q & A site that can help you to find article ideas is Quora. Quora is similar to Yahoo! Answers, however, it's a better place than both because people's answer there is more accurate & serious.

Visit Quora & create your account, if you haven't.

articles to write about

Once you've created the account, enter the keyword/s related to your blog niche.

And, Quora will show the most popular questions related to that topic.

For example, ​I searched for baking & I got these questions (results can vary with time)

good articles to write about

This way you can find good articles to write about. However, you need to go through the keyword research process to find the real keywords. 

For example, "how can you bake without eggs" could be a really long keyword to target, right?

However, when I plugged-in the shortened version of this question into the Google Keyword Planner, I found a list of keywords that have good search volume and are not-so-long keyword/s to target for the article.

how to article ideas

This is how you can use Quora & other Q & A sites to find ideas for articles.


Use Google Trends To Find Good Topics For Article Writing

Google Trends is a public web facility of Google Inc., based on Google Search, which displays how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across different regions of the world, and in numerous languages ~ Wikipedia.

However, you can use Google Trends to find a topic for writing an article by using it as a Keyword research tool.

Visit Google Trends & Enter a keyword related to your niche. I used "black tea" as an example.

good ideas for articles

It shows you "interest over the time" which tells you if that topic is worth writing about or not. Here you can see constant growth in "Black Tea" searches.

topics for writing articles

Scroll down & you'll find "Queries section" & you'll find some topics  you can write about. You can use "Ctrl+F" to find this section/part.

P.S: Deploy the keywords into Google Planner or any other tool that you use so that you can find some more related keywords that are relatively easy to rank.

topics to write articles about

There is "Rising" option in the queries widget. It'll display the queries that are growing in recent times. So, you can use this tab to find some fresh topics to write about.

ideas for writing an article

Join Relevant Forums & Online Communities To Find Topics To Blog About

The relevant forum is the place where you can see what your audience is talking about and asking questions about. Therefore, forums & online communities like Reddit becomes an excellent place to find topics to blog about.

So, head over to the forums where your audience hangs out. There are popular forums in all niches. However, if you're not aware of any forum, then use the following steps.

Go to Google & use these strings.​

  • "Keyword" + "Forum"
  • "Keyword" + "board"
  • "Keyword" + "powered by vbulletin" 

For example, I used "Kitchen" "+ "forum" & I got the following results.

popular blog topics

See, I've got forums in kitchen niche within seconds. Apply the same process to find forums within your niche.

There is another thing that you can do to find ​cool topics.

Go to Reddit & find sub-redditz relevant to your blog. Here is an example of subreddit within my topic https://www.reddit.com/r/bloggers

reddit to find interesting blog posts

You'll see people have asked questions that you can write about. In my case, I found a query related to what I'm writing about right now.

Additional Tip: For more ideas, join more subreddits and active subreddits. Help people out there and receive Karmas (up votes).

When you've collected a decent amount of Karmas, then share the best & Epic blog post of yours, and you'll see hundreds and thousands of hits in a day on your blog post.

Don't start spamming or you'll be permanently banned without any prior notice. You'll be able to do everything but it will not be visible to other Reddit's users.

blog ideas for business

So, this way you can find article ideas for your next content & probably some hot  blog topics.


Interviews & Roundups

Interview & Roundup blog posts are the best way to publish a unique & new content on your blog. And, it's the best way to drive traffic from influencers' social-media followers.

It works, it drives traffic, it helps you to build a brand out of your blog. However, if you want to drive Google organic traffic, then you need to create a kind of roundup that includes keywords in the content.   

Here I'm attaching a screenshot of a recent mail. He approached me to answer 2 of his questions that will help his audience to grow their blogs.

You can see how beautiful template he is using to approach experienced bloggers. You can follow the same process just change the questions & put something related to your blog niche.

article ideas


Now, if you're one of those bloggers who focus more on targeting search engines, then make some tweaks in the ​interviews & round-up blog posts. Ask the questions targeting your keyword.

See the image below.​

blog first post examples

​Essential SEO strategy & Essential SEO tools can be used to as a keyword, right?

And, I've replied him with the answer having 500+ words. So, even if this roundup has 10 experts, and every expert reply with atleast 300 words (average) then the article is going to cross 3000+ words.

This way you will have highly unique content on your blog, and​ you don't have to write the article that makes it the BEST choice for content.

​After the roundup article is done, He can craft some headlines like:

  • 10 Expert Share Their Best SEO Strategies ​For Blog Traffic.
  • 15 Experts Reveal The 2 Best SEO ​Tools Which A Blogger Can't Ignore.

Here is an example of another round-up post. [You can use the same way to do interviews like, Interview With Joe: What's His Best Choice For  Whey Protein? 

Notice: Joe is a fictional character here. Assume Joe as an influence of his industry.

Here is a roundup blog post example,

Behind-The-Scenes: 130+ Experts Spill Their Productivity Secrets By Philip V Ariel.

article ideas


​Now, this is not something that everyone can do. However, this tip is still good enough to qualify for this post.

People love reading case studies doesn't matter which industry/niche you belong to. If you've something that can inspire your readers and can evoke emotions, then it worth writing an article

​As you can see, I shared my case study that "How I Build Niche Sites & Rank Them" & it's the most shared, visited article of my blog.

If you're in the health industry, then you can write something related to your health. But make sure, be transparent with your readers. Case-studies not only meant to be positive.

Here is a great example:

articles ideas

Here is another great example:

article Ideas

Tips To Write Case Studies That Turned Out to Be a Best Article Of Your Blog

  • Be Transparent: Don't lie to your audience. Success or failure shouldn't be a concern until you've something new for them.
  • Evoke Emotions: Be throughout, share everything from start to finish, it will help people to hook up with you.
  • Proper Conclusion: Be specific & have some conclusion for your audience like should they do the same or not.

Go Against The Odds

There are certain things that we find illogical and don't agree with. So, why not to write about them?

It will help you to come up with an interesting article that might take your blog to whole another level. But, at the same time, you might get a lot of hate & criticism, but it will give your blog a ​face.

Here are some hand picked controversies:

In 2007 Jason Calacanis, a renowned internet entrepreneur made a statement saying that he feels like SEO is Malarkey.

And, at that time, Neil Patel open challenged him in a blog post on SearchEngineJournal. He said,

Neil Patel

I can take your blog and increase your daily search traffic by a minimum of 10 to 20% after 30 days of putting my changes into effect. I will NOT be doing anything “shady” or unethical and will even point out all the changes that will be made to your blog. You can even have your own designer/programmer make the changes to your blog; I will even layout everything for them using step-by-step instructions.

As well as increasing your traffic I would like to educate you about SEO and what it is really about. There are tons of great and ethical SEOs that help companies increase their traffic without doing anything against the guidelines of search engines.”


Derek Form SocialTriggers published something very controversial on his blog. There he explained that "Content Is Not King" & it made a lot of hype on his blog.

He simply explained that how blog design, loadtime, popup ads, small fonts impact your blog overall.

Tim Soulo

Tim Soulo is the head marketer of Ahrefs. He wrote a converversial article ragarding SEO. He wrote that ON-PAGE SEO is dead & he claimed that his team analyzed 2M keywords to came to this conclusion.

However, this article backfired, and they got to face a lot of criticism which is quite obvious. 

So, if you can cook something that goes against the odds, then you should definitely give it a try. But, we strong enough to take criticism and have notes in your hands if someone points a finger.

Ask Your Audience To Find Article Ideas

This is probably the best way to find articles ideas. If you publish what your blog audience demands, then you're definitely going to get a good response on your blog posts.

Use your Email list to ask your audience what they want to see on your blog. I hope you're collecting emails on your blog, if not, then it's a big red flag. 

You can use the following template to ask your subscribers what they want to read next!


Can you do me a quick favor, if you don't mind?

As you know, I write blog posts frequently related to (your niche). However, sometimes I get stumped on what topics are most helpful for my audience.

Since I can't read your mind, I want to know what kind of interesting stuff you want to see next on my blog. ​

Return Gift: In return, I would love to solve your query related to (niche).

- Your Name​

So, this way you can directly contact with your audience through the mail, and they will suggest you some good blog post ideas

The return gift could be anything. It'll give courage people to respond to your mail which is the ultimate goal.


Type of Blog Posts- Have a Proper Mind Set

These are going to be the additional steps/tips that will help you to generate some blog content ideas. Now, this is not black magic, but it will improve your skills to deliver contents on proper schedules.

So, basically, what you've to do is, select what kind of blog posts you're going to publish for a next week or so (depending on you). Then, follow that pattern and it will become easy for you to find article ideas.

Breakdown the topics into the following pattern:

  • Tips & Tricks Blog Posts
  • How-to's and Tutorials
  • Lists Blog Posts
  • Infographics
  • Personal Experience 
  • Review Blog Posts

Tips & Trick Blog Posts

​Choose a week/month in which you'll publish only tips & tricks posts. This way you've an idea what kind of blog post you're going to publish which will results in better functioning of your mind.

​As far as I'm concerned "tips & trick posts" can be published on the majority of niches. And, these posts get a lot of traffic & audience because of word "tips & tricks" that attracts everyone.

For instance, if you're in sports niche you, then you can write tips & tricks related to ​sports. 

Here is an example I picked randomly from Google.

articles ideas

How-to and Tutorial Blog Posts

How-to & Tutorial blog posts are the pillar posts of any blog. And, most importantly, "how-to" keywords have high-searches which helps to drive traffic to the blog, right?

So, you can set a week/month where you'll only publish how-to related posts. It will help you to stay on the track and most importantly it'll help you to stay away from the writer's block.

For example: How-to Downgrade WordPress 

article ideas

You can use any keyword tool to find how-to & tutorial blog post ideas within your niche using a seed keyword.

Go to ubbersuggest​ & type your seed keyword along "how to" (how to + seed keyword).

blog post ideas

After clicking on suggest, ubersuggest will display you a list of long tail keywords alphabetically. Here is the image: 

blog post ideas

After that, you can deploy the selected keyword/s in the Keyword planner & check if people are searching for it or not. Like, I plugged-in "how to make black tea for weight loss" query. 

And, 170 people are looking for the answer to that query. So, now I've an idea for a blog post that 170 people are looking for & since I'll target the long tail keyword thus, it will be little easier to rank that query.​

blog post ideas

List Blog Post

The very first thing that comes to my mind when I see "list" blog post is interesting blog post.

If you're active on Facebook, you might be knowing that big companies especially "viral sites" are using this formula to​ generate blog post ideas. 

In case you don't know, over 70% viral niche sites use "list blog posts" to generate articles & traffic.

​But, the best thing is, list posts can be crafted in all the niches, literally. Like, I've published a couple of list blog posts.

P.S: Repeat the same keyword startegy to find blog post ideas. 

50 Best Web 2.0 Sites List For Quality Link-Building 

article ideas

Infographics~ Best Content You Can Ever Craft! 

Alright! I admit that I didn't publish my own infographic so far on ShouterBuzz and I hate myself for that. But, soon you all will be seeing interesting infographics from my end.

Find an article idea and create an infographic on it. However, making interesting, shareable, and linkable infographic is not an easy task especially when you're not a designer.

​You can hire someone to create infographics for you from source market, or you can use sites like Picktochart & Canva to craft beautiful infographics. 

Here is an example of an interesting infographic from SuccessfulBlogging. Why Every Business Should Blog!

article ideas

Personal Experience Blog Posts

If you ever feel like getting out of ideas, then what you can do is that share your experience with your blog readers. But, make sure you share something which is relevant to your blog.

For example, if you tried launching your product for the first time and got to learn something, mistakes & lessons,​ then it's worth sharing the experience with your blog audience.

Here is an example from a blog post on Adarshsojitra.com.

blog post ideas

In fact, blogs based on a travelling are totally based on personal experience. Here is an excellent example from EascapeNotion's blog post.

blog post ideas
Review Blog Posts

Last but not the least, I must say. From review blog posts you don't only get blog traffic but also make good money, right? So, if you're not publishing any review blog posts, then you're definitely missing huge part of blogging.

You don't necessarily have to write good things about the product or service. Just, be transparent and write an honest review.

For instance, I use Grammarly for proofreading, so I've written an article on Grammarly Review.​

I'm sure you've got something that you can review, be it free or paid. Then, why not turn it to a blog post, does makes sense, right?

So, this way you can get article ideas for writing blog posts. But, don't write a biased review, be transparent & honest.​

Wrapping Up The Article
Deepak Rana

Looks like you are done reading the article. Publishing blog posts is one of the most important tasks for a blogger to accomplish for growing the blog.

In early days of blogging, you might get out of ideas and make a doleful face seeing your competitors growing every day. And, you here don't to know what to write next.

​So, I kept everything in my mind and wrote 16 tips to get article ideas instantly. 

If you guys enjoyed reading the blog post, then comment down below & if you've any query, then ask in the comment.

And... Don't Forget To Share The Article With Your Friends :)​ I'll highly appreciate it.