If your last search was anywhere around best Adsense alternatives, then most probably you might have received the following message on your Adsense account.

“Your Google Adsense account has been disabled or temporarily banned.”

You're not alone, daily hundreds & thousands of Adsense account gets banned. Most of the time it's due to the involvement of illegal activities like using floating ads on the blog or doing clickjacking that Google entirely inherits.

There could be few other reasons for Adsense account ban, or your blog niche might not be compatible with Google's TOS. For example, Pirating & downloading niche are not allowed for Google Adsense.

Anyway, if your Adsense account got banned and you're totally exasperated, then it's the time to move on because there are hundreds of other opportunities in the internet market to make money out of your blog.

These Best Adsense alternatives might not be as good as Adsense, but these can definitely rack you some good bucks out of your blog, something is better than nothing.

Best Adsense Alternatives In 2016 To Make

Network NameAd TypeLink To Join
Media.netcontextual adsJoin Now
infolinks in-text adsJoin Now
PropellerAds MediaOnClick adsJoin Now
Revenue Hitsmultiple ad formatsJoin Now
Adversal Ad Networkmultiple ad formatsJoin Now
Chitikacontextual adsJoin Now
Aybollnative adJoin Now
VigLinkspecial ad networkJoin Now
Amazon Display Adsshopping adsDiscussed
Pop Cash AdsPopunder adsJoin Now
Affiliate Marketingpromote productsDiscussed

1. Media.net ~ Best Alternative to Google Adsense 

best adsense alternatives

Media.net is one of the largest pool of advertisement in the world. This is a contextual ad based network powered by Bing & Yahoo that enables you to display highly relevant ads on your blog to get maximum money out of your blog.

It has in-content ads feature that allows you to put the ads inside the content which is one of the potential areas to make money from the blog. Since Media.net contextual ads are highly relevant, thus you get good CTR (click-through-rate) that means more money.

Few Highlights From Media.net Ad Network

  1. Highest paying ads optimized across multiple demand sources
  2. Custom & native ad designs to maintain a consistent user experience
  3. Simple implementation with a 2 line JS code
  4. Continuous testing & optimization to ensure the highest performance
  5. No changes required to site layout
    Replace an existing IAB unit or create additional ad inventory with custom units.

2. Infolinks~ All time Adsense Alternative

Infolink is an all time best alternative to Google Adsense. Infolink in an in-text based ad type system. It doesn't support contextual ads but still a profitable monetization network for bloggers.

As a matter of fact, you can use infolink along other ad networks to increase the revenue which makes it pretty favorite for best Adsense alternatives.

The network is very easy to join. You don't need to high-traffic on your blog to get approval from infolink team. ​Their algorithm delivers intent-driven ads to the right users in real-time that helps to increase the revenue.

Few Highlights From Infolink Ad Network

1. As of now, Infolink is helping more than 200,000 online publishers in 128 countries which makes it #1 ad network in the world.

2. Easy to integrate on a blog with no minimum requirement for monthly traffic.

3. Infolinks gets around 4 Billion monthly ad views​ which make it the best platform for both advertisers and publishers.

4. Infolink deals with one of the largest companies in the market like  Amazon, Ali Express, Ebay, Facebook, Pizza Hut, TripAdvisor, Hyundai and much more.

3. PropellerAds Media~ Alternative to Google Adsense

Propeller Ads media is not popular among newbie blogger. However, Propeller is an excellent choice as an alternative to Adsense especially if your blog niche is among one of these categories entertainment, videos/movies, finances, dating, games, gambling, and software.

My friends reported me it as a best Adsense alternative in 2016, as of now. This ad network is best Adsense alternative if you're getting more mobile traffic on your blog and this Ad network pays best $ for tier 2-3 countries which give it an added advantage. 

Few Highlights From Propeller Ad Network

1. Display Various Ad Types. You can display One click Ads, Mobile Web, Banner Ads, Direct Links, And Video Ads. Find out what works what works best on your blog and earn money. 

2. Their auto-learning algorithms match relevant advertisers to every individual website to deliver only the highest paying ads on your web-pages.

3. You can use other Ad networks along Propeller, which gives you freedom to earn and test other networks.

4. Revenue Hits~ Good Adsense Alternative

RevenueHits is not #1 Adsense alternative, however, it performs good. It helps to generate revenues using a state-of-the-art contextual & geo-targeted Ad-Serving technology.

RevenueHits have a various model to monetize the blog like sliders, pop -under, buttons, and banner based ads. It is a CPC (cost-per-click) based ad network & minimum payout is 20$.

RevenueHits is a good ad network if you've got tier 1 countries visitor  (US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Sweden)

revenue hits alternative

Few Highlights From Revenue Hits Ad Network

1. Various Ad types to get maximum out of your blog.

2. You can choose specific category before applying  so that you can display relevant Ads which is an advantage

5. Adversal Ad Network- Adsense Alternative 

Adversal is a multi language based ad network. Thus, if you've a multi-language based site, then it could be among best Google Adsense alternatives.

Adversal requires monthly page view of 50,000. So, if you don't have that much traffic, then you can't join this network. 

best adsense alternatives

Few Highlights From Adversal Ad Network

1. Only Good For High-Traffic Blogs To Make Good Money Otherwise Not Worth Using.

2. Different types of Ad units like Adsense to get the most out of traffic.

3. Requires ​50,000 visitors per month to join the network.

6. Chitika~ Best Adsense Ad Alternative

Chitika is a known name is the Ad industry. It's pretty much similar to Adsense & serves only Contextual Ads like Adsense. Moreover, you can use it along Adsense which gives it an added advantage.

If your traffic is from the USA, then it is worth trying because it converts best for USA based audience. ​In Chitika, you can edit border color, text color & URL color to jumble the ads with your blog 's presentation.

best adsense alternative

Few Highlights From Chitika Advertising Program

1. Pretty much similar to the Adsense ad network.

2. Their system learns the eco-system through a proprietary algorithm and ad specialists to maximize your yield​.

3. Minimum payout is just 10$ which makes it the best option for newbie bloggers.

7. Ayboll~ Another Alternative to Adsense

Abyboll is a native ad based advertising system. It's not like Adsense at all, but you can see native ads on very popular sites because these Ads are really something out of the box both for publisher and clickers (traffic).

Native ads look like a content, very interesting contents, I must say. Sometimes even I click on such Ads so you can understand how good these type of ads are.

best adsense alternative

Some Highlights From Ayboll Native Ad Network

1. Looks like content, earns like premium advertising.

2.The ayboll widget allows publishers to create multiple widgets for multiple domains in under 3 minutes using a unique self-serve too.

3.The Fully responsive design works on all devices (desktop, tablet & mobile).

4. Ayboll tracks which content your audience engages with the most and will optimize accordingly to maximize the revenues.

8. VigLink~ Unique Alternative to Adsense

VigLink is a unique network for monetizing a blog. It's different from the most of the ads network listed above. It is an excellent ad network if your blog niche falls in beauty or fashion because you review many products on such blogs, right?

VigLink identifies commercial products mentioned within a publisher’s content, and automatically transform them into revenue generating hyperlinks whose destinations are determined in real-time, advertiser-bid auctions.

best adsense alternative

In simple words, your simple text converts into hyperlink if that product company is associated with the VigLink network and for each sale you make a healthy commission.

For example, If I write Grammarly Proofreader's review and in case, Grammarly is associated with VigLink, then those simple grammarly review text will change into a hypertext.

9. Amazon Display Ads- Yet Another Best Adsense Alternative

It might surprise you, but Amazon has introduced native shopping ads system that helps you to earn from your blog. This is how native shopping ads looks like.

adsense alternatives in 2016

so, how these ads work?

It's pretty much similar to Adsense. When you embed n​ative shopping ads on your blog, then it analyzes the whole web-page and in the end, display similar products.

In case, if someone make a purchase, then you'll get a real commission​. Furthermore, even if the buyer purchases something really irrelevant, even then you'll get the commission. 

Some Highlights From Amazon Native Shopping Ads

1. Amazon is the biggest and most popular e-commerce site in the world. Which makes the sales easier.

2. Amazon has all sort of categories. Thus, it can be fit to the most of the niche blogs.

3. You will make real commission, ​unlike Google Adsense. If you've US traffic, then it can really wonder you.

10. Pop Cash Ads~ Typical Adsense Alternative 

Pop cash is an another alternative to the Google Adsense. However, it is not one of my favorite Adsense alternatives. But, in the list of vast networks it still manages to find a place in the top 10 Adsense alternatives.

​PopCash has Popunder ads with a good CPM and best inventory for all countries both for mobile and desktop traffic.

You can use this network along Adsense. Hence, you can test this network if it works out right for you or not.

Few Highlights From Pop Cash Ad Network

1. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10$. You can choose to receive your payments through PayPal, Paxum or Payza.

2. Pop Cash network accepts adult site if the content is legal.

11. Affiliate Marketing~ Best Than Adsense

This one didn't suppose to be here, right? Well, Affiliate market is the big thing on the internet.

Unlike Google Adsense or other Ad networks, you don't need heavy traffic to make a good amount of money out of your blog.

In affiliate marketing, if you can drive 100 targeted people to your blog or web-page, then you can make very good money.

People are using Adblocker on the desktop to stop seeing those annoying ads and popular & modern browsers like UC, and Opera have inbuilt ad-blockers.

The future of blog ads is pretty much dark. Therefore, you should try out your hand in the affiliate market and believe me it's worth it.

If you need some motivation, then read this article, "How Getting Google Adsense Disabled Changed My Life."​

In fact, my first revenue from the internet came through my these two Grammarly Review & Adsense optimized WordPress themes affiliate based posts.

Few Tips If You Want To Start Affiliate Based Niche Site

  • Choose Your Niche Carefully.
  • Always write Pros & Cons of a Product for better conversion rate.
  • Use Amazon Native Shopping Ads on Your Amazon Affiliate Based Niche Sites.
  • Always Focus on Building Email List Because Money Is In The List.

Wrapping it up

These were my best picks for best Adsense alternatives. You've to test which Ad network works out best for your blog. For me, Media.net, Chitika, and Infolinks are excellent adsense alternatives.

Kindly, Share your experience in the comment section below if you tried any of this ad network. It will help others to know if such networks worth it or not.