50 Best Web 2.0 Sites List Of 2017 For SEO Boosting

This is no more a secret that web2.0 properties are the integral part of link building to increase blog traffic. Ever since I involved into link building, I got to learn a lot of tactics, and I found web 2.0 properties one of the best working strategy & reliable method to improve the SERP of main or niche sites.

If you’re new to blogging you might don’t know much about web 2.0 sites, right? So, taking this point into consideration, I would prefer elaborating everything so that you guys have a crystal clear idea what web 2.0s are & how you can leverage the power of them to increase site’s traffic. After explaining everything, I’ll share the best web 2.0 sites list.

What are Web2.0 Properties?

Web 2.0s are the free blogging platforms that let you make a web on the internet at free of cost. These web 2.0 properties are built on a subdomain on the main TLD. You can post anything on these web properties like any other normal blog & most importantly these web2.0 properties get indexed by google bots, means they are visible to Google & other search engines.

Why Web 2.0s are Effective to Improve SERP Position?

Web 2.0s are the power house of authority. Every web 2.0 has killer DA, above 90+ mostly. Yeah, your PA will be zero initially but its nothing to be worried about because these properties catch Authority (PA) like fire.

Let’s say you build a site on “Best Dog Food” & you make some links to this web2.0 property using comments, directories submission, and profile links, then the PA of that will increase quickly.

However, if you pass link using the same anchor text “Best Dog Food”, then it will take just a few months to get the PA 0  to 30.

Link Building With Web 2.0s We are bloggers, and we always look forward to manipulate  the system & get profit out of things since the competition these days in known-niches is very pretty high.

Let’s say you’ve 10 web 2.0s and each web has a PA of 30 and, then you pass a backlink to your money site from those 10 web2.0s, then the ranking of your site will skyrocket.

So, this is the answer to  your “Why Web 2.0s are effective for SERP.”

web 2.0 sites list

Best Web2.0 Sites List For SEO- Unlock The Beauty!

Steps to use This Web2.0s list for SEO

STEP1: Registering 10 of Them 

Let’s be honest, 50 web2.0 sites list is very huge. Though it is not huge but when you’ll start working on them, then you’ll realize that how tough it is to manage all of them and work on them in mass. There is no specific number however 10 is a good number.

So, in this web 2.0 sites list consider registering 10 web2.0s so that you don’t get messed up later.

Should You Use The Same Email Adress? (A controversial Answer)

I’ve been asked this question multiple times, so I thought to clear the concept right here. See, none of us belong the Google’s departments, right? But, using our brain we always make our own conclusion or myths you can say.

I personally use a different email address for each 7&every web2.0 property so that I don’t leave a footprint. Being said that I don’t belong to Google’s departments, so I don’t even know if my strategy does make sense or not.

However, considering the fact that Google is getting strict for link building activities so in the future they might take this fact into consideration. Therefore, it’s better to use different email address- Be in the safer site.

But, But, But!! I may use a different email address, but my IP address & system will remain same so every activity will be considered from the same person. But, do Google has enough time to go that dark? I don’t think so.

So, the ultimate conclusion is you can use different email address just to give comfort to your mind.

Step2: URL Selection of web 2.0

Our primary purpose is to get a powerful link, right? And, we all know that more the backlink is relevant the better it is. So, when you’re selecting the URL of a domain, then make sure you create Niche or keyword specific URL.

In case, I’m trying to rank a niche site that is targeting keyword, “Baby Shampoos” then I’ll create a web property with URL like, “babyshampoos.subdomain.com” or “shampoosforbabies.subdomain.com” depending on the availability.

So, when that web2.0 has authority, and I pass link through it, then the link juice that will pass to my niche site will be excellent. And, relevancy of the link will make it more powerful & make it look more natural to the Search Engines.

Step3: Uploading Content

Creating content for web 2.0s is the step that needs to be done in proper way. Every webmaster has a different approach, but the end goal is same, i.e., ranking. So, I’ll tell you what kind of content that you should post on Web 2.0s.

Content Creation: So you’re going to make 10 sites from this web 2.0 sites list, and you’ve to post content on all them, right? Now, if you’re not a full-time blogger, then it could be tough for you to post on all the sites by yourself, right?

So, in that case, you can do content spinning. But you need advanced spun content tool so that you can get the maximum value.

However, I post contents my self & it’s the best way. I don’t post lengthy articles, not at all. I just write a relevant post & end it up between 300 words to 500 words.

I didn’t say that I write “one” content, then where are those other 9 articles. In that case, What I do is that I Use Grammarly. I use synonyms, use different title & different URL and sometimes exchange the paragraph (Noone is going to read the content). So, this way my content for 10 web 2.0 sites gets posted.

P.S: You can Read My Grammarly Premium Reviews Here.

Filler Contents: So, you’re going to post those text written articles only? Well, that may sound a perfect strategy, but it might not be the case. Diversify the Content type.

Sometimes, I just upload the pictures & quotes and that make it look more authentic & a diversified web2.0, but it doesn’t mean you’ve to follow the same thing. But this way your web2.0 remains active and it helps you to decrease the content load.

Step4: Getting Backlinks From The Web 2.0s

You can signup for web 2.0 but can’t start linking to your money site right away, right? First of all, Build the authority. Increase the PA. When PA hits around 30 (minimum 27), then you can get a backlink.

Conclusion: So, I shared the best web 2.0 sites list. But I know that web 2.0 sites list will not help you alone, so I explained all the process that I use personally and works like a charm.

Can you rank alone using this web 2.0 sites list? Well, the answer is tricky. If the competition for that niche is under 30 and you’ve 10 web 2.0s sites, then you definitely make it to the first and second page of Google with good On-page SEO & if competition is high, then try getting expired web 2.0s with PA above 40.

So, this was all about Web 2.0 sites list 2016. If you loved the content, then make sure you drop a comment below and share it with your friends.

Deepak Rana

Hello, I'm Deepak Rana. I've been into blogging for a year. In that time, I learned various aspects of SEO. Thus, this blog is solely focussed on SEO. I'll help you to grow your online business.

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Mahesh Goud - May 3, 2016

This was an awesome post on web 2.0 linkbuilding.Meanwhile why don’t you do a case study on ranking with web 2.0 ‘s ? we (readers) will be happy to read it.

Mahesh Goud

FAUZI OFFICIAL - May 4, 2016

Thanks for the information, These Web 2.0 sites list are good for SEO score.

Kate - May 5, 2016

Came across this post while searching for web 2.0 sites and it was worth reading. There were lots of useful things which can be applied to use this to our advantage.

Rusty - May 10, 2016

Deepak Rana
Do you know were i can find Niche specific expired web 2.0’s.?
I can find all kinds of assorted expired web 2.0’s that are not related to my niche..But finding them in my Niche seems impossible.. I would think there would be a scraper or soft ware that could scan the URL’s to find keywords in each domain.
I like the article by the way.

    Deepak Rana - May 10, 2016

    Hii Rusty. You can find some gigs on fiverr to get relevant expired web 2.0s. Else you can use Scraper tool. Glad that you liked the article. Keep visiting.

manthan dudeja - May 14, 2016

Thanks For Sharing web 2.0 sites list. I appreciate that.

Jan St - May 17, 2016

I have notice that getting web 2.0 which are still active sites is getting harder and harder, thanks for this valuable list Deepak.

paparao - May 18, 2016

Thanks for the web 2.0s list of innovative sites list. It will certainly help me!

jeremy - June 4, 2016

so you buy expired web 2.0’s?

otherwise how do you increase their pa to 30

    Deepak Rana - June 4, 2016

    I personally buy web 2.0s. However, if you want to increase their authority, then consider publishing few articles and building backlinks to your web 2.0s. Keep visiting.

Manoranjan Sahu - June 14, 2016

Hello Deepak,

Even i have tried this web 2.0 properties. It surely helps to boost ranking by link building activities. updating it regularly helps to get index quickly.

    Deepak Rana - June 15, 2016

    Yeah, it certainly does help to improve the ranking. Yeah, we need to update web 2.0s to get the backlinks indexed quickly.

Gaurav Singh - June 23, 2016

First of all, Thank you so much for this awesome presentation. You have cleared all the questions what we can think. I have one question “Google don’t like link farming so it can be tracked by google.” Have you any idea to be safe to this risk? Thanks once again It was so much helpful.

    Deepak Rana - June 23, 2016

    Glad that you liked the article. Yeah, Gaurav, it’s totally safe to use but make sure you diversify the anchor text and link source.

Arjun Sharma - June 28, 2016

That’s great article bro and thanks for this list i’m looikng for this type list from many days to create link on my post 🙂

mahesh - July 2, 2016

Honestly if I say now a days no one blogger i found still who is sharing valuable information like this it is right there are many blogs available on the internet where you can learn SEO and blogging but no one telling exactly ranking strategy which they are using to rank their blog but after reading this post realised all the information given is transparent and very genuine thanks for such kinds of innocent and incredible post.

KarthikLinga - July 22, 2016

Hi Deepak !

Worth reading & very informative sharing about web 2.0 back links. Yes it also one of the best backlinks strategy to build quality back links to every niche sites. I am using this strategy over more than 3 years and also having good result till date to my clients.

Thanks for sharing ! Keep Sharing !!

    Deepak Rana - July 25, 2016

    Hello, Karthik. Targeting a specific audience always gives boost to ranking positions. Good to know that you’re doing well. Thank you for the appreciation, keep visiting.

Shailesh - August 1, 2016

Hi Deepak,
Thanks for this elaborative guide about web 2.0. I was just wondering how do you make multiple email accounts for these web2.0 as we can not create these many email accounts without mobile verification ?

    Deepak Rana - August 1, 2016

    Shailesh, glad that you liked the article. Well, I use mobile to create multiple accounts without using number or else I use disposable email services like yopmail 🙂

      Shailesh - August 2, 2016

      Deepak, thanks for the quick response. I didn’t understand “use mobile to create multiple accounts without using number” and also is it fine to use disposable emails for web 2.0?
      Looking forward to your answer 😃

jeremy - August 2, 2016

I sent you an email, hope you are able to see it.

Mazhar - August 13, 2016

Hi,Deepak Rana its nice post and i am very well inspired to this post particular learning about that the PA of web.2.o can be enhance by publishing more articles in that property.Honestly saying it was a great articles especiailly for newbie to learn about web.2.o to enhance the ranking of one’s website in the first page of SERP’s.Thanks for sharing such a fair and transparent stuff,hope you will provide better and useful information in future keep it up stay blessed.I would like to share that that authority of these web.2’0 may also be increased by sharing the link in social media and bookmarking site thanks

    Deepak Rana - August 15, 2016

    Hey, Mazhar. Thanks for the kind words, and insightful comment. Yes, Pa can be increased by sharing it on bookmarking sites. Glad that you liked the article. Keep visiting.

Simone - August 19, 2016

Wow Deepak!

Very nice article! I have just few questions, if you have time 🙂

1. How many articles do you usually post?
2. For how long do you keep updating those Accounts?

As for the type of Content you publish, let’s say your Money Site is about Baby Shampoo.
Do you publish general content about Baby Care of do you post a summary of a Shampoo Review and then link the Extensive one on the Money Site?

I know this are a lot a questions, but would be glad if you could clear my mind 🙂

Keep the good work Deepak!

    Deepak Rana - August 20, 2016

    Hey, Simone. Thanks for the valuable feedback. Answering your queries related to web2.0s.

    1. There is no specific number. Sometimes from the first post itself, and sometimes from 3rd or 4th post. Both tactics are equally good. I’ve seen the similar results.

    2. Yes, I do publish the content which is based on my main keyword or related to it so that I can pass a link from the relevant web-page which makes the link looks super natural.

    Do lemme know if you have more questions 🙂

Manthan - August 26, 2016

Worth Reading
Thanks for sharing ! Keep Sharing !!

Ashish Kumar - August 27, 2016

Amazing post thanks for sharing bro

Tampa - September 6, 2016

Thanks for sharing such useful web 2.0 list.

Harshil - November 6, 2016

Hi Deepak,
You have shared awesome list of web 2.0 sites.
I will definitely use it for my future websites projects. Thank you! Keep sharing. 🙂

ashok - November 14, 2016

hi deepak,
Im a seo beginner,alread have few web2.0 list,but your explanation about how to do it effectively is a great guide to me,implementing it in my work.

BoxingOnlineStream - December 13, 2016

Thanks for the list and it is very helpful to boost up seo score,. Thanks again

Harrison - March 3, 2017

I usually start seeing results of using web. 2.0 sites after 2 weeks. Use a good VPN to change IP addresses. Thanks for the post!

Bibak Kumar - March 17, 2017

Best web 2.0 List According to me.

Tony - April 4, 2017

Wow! Thanks for sharing this list.
I often use the same gmail for all my web 2.0.
Is it hurt for my new site?
Thank you so much 🙂

Yasser - May 18, 2017

Thank you for sharing the list, I’m looking for non article directories where I can post articles. This list looks great, there’s more than 20 sites I’ve never heard of and trustflow looks good too. Thank you!


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