Now, It’s a common understanding that social media is the best platform to market your business and make an influence, isn’t it?

SEO & SMO is the best way to squeeze the most out of your blog or business. So, why to lost the every single opportunity that can turn the tables around for you.

If you’re a WordPress user then, you’re probably the luckiest one, because I’ve compiled the list of ”7 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins” and I’ve mentioned these plugins on my personal experience.

By integrating any of these social media plugins on your blog, you can see the proven results if your contents are worth talking and sharing about.

Remember, I’ve mentioned the both paid and free versions considering my audience. So, let’s dive into the main content i.e.,

Best WordPress Social Media Plugins for 2016

Monarch: Probably The Best Paid Social Media Plugin

Monarch is a premium social media plugin by Elegant themes. This plugin is by far the best social media plugin.

I’m personally using Monarch as my social media plugins & SMO optimization. The developers have done the excellent job to get the best possible results.

You can embed social media buttons on your blog in various places; you can choose the icon style. Here is the image right from my dashboard.

wordpress social media plugins

Proper Analysis

An overview of your Monarch statistics can be accessed at any time via the dashboard. Just click the stats icon in the upper right for statistics around your shares, follows, and likes. It’s a great feature to track you Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Reports.

Key Features:

  • Increased Sharing
  • More Locations
  • Better Design
  • Lightning Fast
  • Proper Analysis

Download & Grab Monarch Plugin from Elegant themes

Ultimate Social Deluxe: Ultimate Social Media WordPress Plugin

best wordpress social media plugin

Ultimate Social Deluxe is another sexy WordPress social media plugin. This plugin does the best job at a cheap price, just 14$. It has similar options to the monarch but its low price gives it the extra edge.

It’s lightning fast since it loads through Javascript and CSS. No iframes! There are 8 different skins for social media button, and it has various placements option like widgets, mobile bar, floating, content top & bottom, floating top.

It has the social media counts option that you can use to display your slow media influence and at the same time you can get more followers using this option.

Key Features:

  • Fan Counter/counts
  • More Placements
  • Lightning Fast
  • Color Control
  • Responsive

Download & Grab Ulitmate Social Deluxe Now

DC Simple Share Buttons: Free WordPress Social Media Plugin

best wordpress social media plugins

This social sharing plugin is simple and loads pretty fast. The buttons do not rely on external resources to load, and it’s written in PHP, HTML, and CSS.

It doesn’t show or counts social shares, and if it’s a priority for you then, it’s not recommended for you but, if you’ve no issues regarding social share counts then, it a perfect beauty to hang out your blog with.

This plugin is not very much professional but still it does the best as compared to other free WordPress social media plugins. There’s an option to show the buttons on posts and pages. You can also put the buttons anywhere in your template using this template tag:

<?php dc_social_share_tag(); ?>

  • Key Features:
  • Fast Loading
  • Short-codes
  • Simple yet Effective

Download DC Simple Share Buttons Plugin Now!

Simple Share Buttons Adder: Free WordPress Social Media Plugin

best wordpress social media plugin
It’s a straightforward and free plugin that enables you to add share buttons to all of your blog posts and pages. You can upload and use your own custom images if you wish.

It’s a decent plugin considering the fact that it is free. But, it doesn’t make it to the professional level because it lacks many features as compared to other premium plugins.

But, if you’ve no budget then, it’s worth going after, I mean it.

Key Features

  • Hotlinking Protection
  • Various Placements
  • Custom Images
  • Loads Fast

Download Simple Share Buttons Adder Plugin Now!

Jetpack Sharing: A Good Solution

best wordpress social media plugins

Jetpack plugin is a very-very popular plugin, downloaded by millions. It’s popular because it has a lot of features and social media sharing feature is one of them.

You can enable jetpack sharing feature, and it will allow visitors to share your content on social media. It supports all the major social media platform.

I’m not a fan of this plugin for using its social media sharing feature because I’ve no satisfying experience with it. It doesn’t convert that good when compared to some other WordPress social media plugins.
Key Features:

  • One Plugin For Multiple Features
  • Simple & elegant buttons

Download Jetpack Plugin Here!

Encourage social sharing with Social Warfare: Power packed Premium Plugin

best social media plugins
It’s the sexiest social sharing buttons on the market. With a uniform yet accurate aesthetic they look and feel legit. This plugin works lightning fast hence no increase in load time. These are few mind-boggling features of this WordPress social media sharing plugin.


You can easily match the buttons to your websites branding. Customize the look with over 5,000 potential style combinations.

Pinterest Images

Unlock the power of Pinterest and skyrocket your content’s success by uploading a Pinterest-specific image and description!

Shareable Quotes

You can create in-post tweetable quotes that make it super easy for people to share. (Also known as a Click-to-Tweet.)

Minimum Counts

It displays the share buttons with share counts hidden until a minimum number of shares (or social proof) have been reached.

Content Protection

It Includes the Frame Buster plugin that prevents people from adding their own calls-to-action over top of yours.
Key Features:

  • Share Count Recovery
  • Content Protection
  • Analytics Integration
  • Shareable Quotes
  • Custom Tweets
  • Twitter Cards
  • Lightning Fast
  • Attractive

Download Encourage Social Sharing Plugin Now!

Shareaholic: Free WordPress Social Media Plugin

best wordpress social media plugins

Shareaholic is another WordPress social media plugin. This plugin has got some perks as compared to other free plugins. Shareaholic provides elegant & good looking skins for social sharing buttons that can catch the eye of your readers.

In the beginning, I used Shareaholic, and I was somewhat satisfied with it. You can also monetize your blog using this plugin.

Sometimes, Shareaholic displays an Ad when a person shares the content, which is a really not a genuine thing. However, it a good freemium plugin. You can use all its feature but you have to sign up for it; you don’t have to pay for it.

Key Features:

  • Supports Multiple CMSs like WordPress, Tumblr, Drupal and many more.
  • Elegant looking skins for social media buttons
  • Call-to-Action Text For Catching Attention
  • Supports Short-Code Placements
  • Supports Social Analytics
  • Download Shareaholic Plugin Now!

Download ShareaHolic Plugin Now!

Which WordPress Social Media Plugin Is Best For You?

First of all, Never underestimate the social media power. It’s the best way to swing the cat around the world from a corner.

Okay so coming to the point, if you’ve enough budget then go with Monarch Plugin by Elegant themes. I’m personally using it and very satisfied. I’ve noticed numbers of change in my social media sharing stats.

If you have got a tight budget, then Grab Ulitmate Social Deluxe Now. It does the pretty good job 🙂

In case, you don’t have got a budget then, go with DC Simple Share Buttons Plugin Now!

If you find this post worth sharing then, don’t forget to share it with your social connections. And, If you’ve any doubt then you can comment below I’ll reply you ASAP!

Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links. This means I might receive a small commission if you make a purchase. These Plugins are based on my personal experience & deep research.