So, you’re new to blogging? Well, ”not only you there are many others along with you.”

There could be many reasons that made you try out your hands in the blogging, Isn’t it?

But before you dive into the freaking ocean of bloggers ‘including dumb bloggers’ It would be great if you read this article.I’m not saying that I will tell you some techniques which will skyrocket the traffic of your new blog or maybe of old blog.But it will definitely give you an exact Idea what you should do or not for the next 3 months of blogging.

So, let’s start with our article without writing any more Bla..Bla lines.

Blogging For Beginners: First 3 Months of Blogging

1. Write For People Not For Money

Beginner guide to newbie blogger

BloggingForBeginners: First 3 Months of Blogging

Well, I perfectly know you’re here to earn few bucks or  probably a big bundle money. yes, there is nothing wrong in your approach, but why one should visit  your blog to read your posts that are not even well structured.

You know that your blog will not get good organic traffic for the first few months, unless you’re an authority in this field. Most of the visitors you will get through  is referrals.

So why not to write for them.Give them a reason to revisit your blog.Give them a reason to leave a useful comment on your blog.

Okay, let’s not go so far take an example of my blog.It’s not even one-month-old not only that shouterbuzz main source of traffic is referral links.But I’m sure when someone visit my site he/she will get amazed & think this blog must be getting very good organic traffic (Which makes an extra impact).Because numbers of good comments I’m getting on my blog posts is DAMN GOOD!

PS- With this way you end up making money, especially through affiliate links.

2.Don’t Compare Yourself  With Successful Bloggers

Blogging For Beginners: First 3 Months of Blogging

Blogging For Beginners: First 3 Months of Blogging

In the beginning, you’re Inspired by few bloggers & they’re the main reason which makes you start your own blog. In my case, I’m highly inspired & Influenced by these two bloggers NeilPatel, HarshAgarwal.

But it is important for you to not the compare yourself with them after writing a few articles.Don’t expect the traffic they’re getting.Don’t expect the money they’re earning. & Don’t get confused as I’m talking about Initial months of blogging.

They had gone through the same period.Even They had struggled for the blog audience.Set them as your benchmark.If you will compare yourself with them you will end up quitting blogging.

3.Build Strong Relationship With Bloggers

Guide on Blogging For Beginners

Blogging For Beginners

Before/After building your blog, building relationships online with fellow bloggers is a good Idea.You may neglect this party (as mostly newbies do) but with the time they realize the importance of it.

In my case, It was my facebook friend who told me a few highlights of blogging. Although there were few BloggingMyths, but this is the only reason today I’m teaching you How to Blog & get Success.

In the beginning, It’s obvious that search engines will ignore you but your blogger friends will not.They’ll give you importance they will visit your blog & not only that they will suggest you where you need to improve.

If you got some really good friends in same blogging niche, then they can even give you few do-follow backlinks to your blog which is priceless for a new blog.You can ask them to invite their friends to your blog page which will give social status to your blog.

Not only that when you’re starting a new blog then there will be some technical stuff which you might don’t know, but your blogger friends may know & they can help you out resolving your blog’s issues.

  • You can build good relationships with bloggers by appreciating their work.
  • You can build good relationships with bloggers by commenting on their blogs.
  • You can build good relationships with bloggers by sharing their blog articles.
  • Mention them in your own blog posts & then share those posts with them.
  • Guest Blogging helps you to build good relationships.

 4.Promote your Blog to get more Exposure & Visitors

how to blog in beginning

Blogging For Beginners

We live in an era where you can’t grow your online business without promotion, doesn’t matter how good your products are.

You may be good in writing, you may be a great in blog designing, you may have good products.So it’s become important to share your skills with the online world. Promotion helps you to Increase blog traffic, conversion rates.Which is great in itself.

So Where to & How-to Promote your blog?

SEO Friendy Articles/Pillar contents– Well, the concept of writing pillar article is pretty clear.Blogging for beginners is mostly about writing killer contents.Launch your blog with a piece of your good contents.It will attract the visitors.Not only that sometimes your work is appreciated by experts.

In my case, this is what NeilPatel said about me (Quicksprout)


BlogCommenting In the beginning time of blogging, blog commenting is essential.It helps you to get targeted traffic.You can do blog commenting for these 3 purposes.

  1. You can do it to build backlinks to your new blog.
  2. You can do it to increase Alexa for your new blog.
  3. You can do it to increase awareness about your blog.

GuestPosting– If you’re not aware what is guest posting- ”It is a process where a bloggers share/write his own article on other blogs.”

In the beginning blogging time, It may sound little creepier, but actually it is not like that.Guest posting helps you to build quality do-follow links which help to increase your blog’s page rank, though It isn’t a ranking factor, but it helps you to build an authority/trusted site in your niche.

Guest blogging helps you get traffic, which is as targeted as you get from Google, bing, yahoo.It gives you a face in blogging Industry, which ultimately helps you to build good relationships.

Participate in Forums-No doubt, forum participation is an underrated strategy because people don’t have time, but In case of professional bloggers, forum participation is a must do think.Here I’m attaching a quick-fire video from Brian Dean  which will teach you about forum participation. [WATCH THIS VIDEO]

5.Don’t Use Pirated Stuff For Your Blog

beginning blogger guide

Blogging For Beginners

SRIRAM say- In my opinion, this is the decade of blogging. Many blogs have been started and are being started. Most of them start out by using pirated/free themes. This is where the problem starts.

To be honest, pirated stuff is becoming the biggest source of blog hacking.It may give you happiness, but only for a while & after that you will Rest In Peace, Sorry for the harsh words.

Ever thought, Why you’re getting paid stuff for free? If you hadn’t then let me clear you why so? (Since Its a beginning guide, I can’t cover the whole punches)

  1. No theme updates- No updates like a premium theme.
  2. Hidden spam links- stuff with spam links which causes google penalty.
  3. SQL Injection- Most of pirated plugins & themes are infected with SQL injection.In this process, Hackers include their own links which make a bridge for them to hack your website anywhere & anytime.

6.Patience is the Main Key to Success


Blogging For Beginners

In the first three months of blogging, it’s really hard to survive, but those who keep patience get the real prize.So It’s important for you to not lose your hope.Be always happy with your stats.

In case, if your blog gets 20 visitors think that at least these 20 people are interested reading my stuff.So write for those 20 people give them a reason to revisit your blog.Give them a reason to share your blog.

Conclusion– Blogging is never been easy for beginners.These are the few months  where every newbie bloggers thinks to quit blogging  & plan to start a new blog on the new niche.Common this in not how you will get the ripe fruits of your hard work.

Don’t forget to speak your mind in the comment section 🙂 I will be waiting for the healthy response & good social shares 😉