CaseStudy: How Neil is Growing His Nutrition Blog

We all know that in April NeilPatel had taken $100,000 Challenge for his newly launched blog.Every month he updates  his quicksprout blog with the nutrition blog growth/reduction.

I thought to spy his NutritionBlog to bring all of you an exclusive case study on ”How Neil is Growing His Nutrition Blog.”

I tried to study ‘NutritionSecrets’ Blog deeply so that I could bring the best results.However, I don’t challenge anyone that my case study is completely right.

Neil Impact on NutritionSecrets Blog

I know Neil Already shared that he isn’t going to use his name to complete 100k$ challenge.He is n’t using his bio or pic on the nutrition blog.But, He already said that he got some mail saying ”He is cheating By using His Name”

Yes, Neil is right he is n’t using his name.But, what about his fan following? He is an authority in Internet marketing & we can’t deny this FACT & believe me, it has a huge impact on NutritionSecrets blog.

Here is a typical example :p which tell us influence of Neil on Nutritonsecret Blog

Neil patel secret strategy

Interlinking to the project articles for extra exposure to NutritionSecrets

I’ve attached a picture which tells that Neil is using QuickSprout to get extra visitor & exposure.I’m not against it, just sharing the true FACTS


Impact of QuickSprout- Referal Traffic

Neil mentioned the referral traffic that NutritionSecrets in getting.This also tells how much impact Neil has because of Quicksprout on Nutrionsecret.


Link Building Strategy

Links building is an important process to rank in a short span of time.But according  to Neil ”LinkBuilding is n’t the future of SEO”  & he officially published an article on it.


So, does it means Neil is n’t building the links for Nutrition Blog? It’s a new blog in nutrition niche so we know link building process is little tough.So, let’s check how many backlinks Nutrition secret have.


So far, Nutrition blog has got  400 Backlinks which is decent numbers for a 4-5 months old blog & you can see Link Influence score is 59% which is damn good.It also shows that backlinks are from quality sources.

To confirm how quality links he is building, I did a research & then I found this on Google which made me go Crazy!!


Neil made a link from Wikipedia, which made a huge impact on Nutrition blog.Plus this is n’t even a relevant link according to SEO terms.

Conclusion-Link building is as important as making articles.Even though he an article published saying ‘Link-Building is n’t future of SEO’  but still he & his client building links, which is STRANGE.

Engagement Tactics

NutritionSecret is developing super-quality articles, no doubt.Each article contains 2000+ words.The Quality of pictures is extreme.According to him, It is Mike who always write articles. Is it true? No, It is not 😛 But he managed to hide it.


Even if you go through comments you will see people are praising here Neil’s work 🙂 which show this post was actually written by him.

casestudy of neil new blog

So, only this or something more Neil is doing without making any buzz?

Unfortunately yes :p In the above pic you can see he tweeted NutritionSecrets new post, by this way he is promoting his NutritionSecret.


Conclusion– So the conclusion is only that Neil existence has a great impact on NutritionSecrets.He is doing a great job, no doubt.But, After spying on his blog I came to know that it is not what he always say about NutritionSecrets.But I have no problem with it 🙂

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Deepak Rana

Hello, I'm Deepak Rana. I've been into blogging for a year. In that time, I learned various aspects of SEO. Thus, this blog is solely focussed on SEO. I'll help you to grow your online business.

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Bigwas - September 5, 2015

The most number of referral traffic came from mobile facebook. Having a Facebook fan page seems a good idea.

    Deepak Rana - September 5, 2015

    Yes, Bigwas you’re right.They have more than 1,00,000+ likes & It is huge numbers.But my main purpose of this article is to reveal the things you people don’t know 🙂 cheers. Keep visiting.

Vivek Rathore - September 6, 2015

Excellent Post Deepak…you covered everything in this post about Neil’s new nutirition blog… Yes, he says that he won’t use his name… but real power of name comes from your skills and there is no doubt Neil is using his digital marketing skills… 🙂 He is awsum… and Deepak great work… You’ve great content writing skill… This post is good example….

tejas - September 6, 2015

thanks for showing the truth..

rohan - September 8, 2015

Every information above is correct, only one is false that he is still making articles by himself. The soda post was early created by him, he created articles for 1month(max) after 1 month he gave this work to mike came, Mike Kamo is 1 who handles his blog. Changes have been created only that in WordPress section Neil changed his name to mike as he was giving it to him. Neil was not connected to nutrition area, so in future he may get into legal activities(as his 1 fan suggested him). So he hired mike to handle this and work with him, In beginning of time Mike used to write 1 article in 1 or 2 day but now he completes it in 1 day and only in 3hour :). It’s Neil Patel so mike has very good quality of SEO tactics in his blog (x The super Seo secrets..

    Deepak Rana - September 8, 2015

    I know Rohan that it’s Mike, who write articles now.But I was talking about the past.But, yes, you got a good point to mention it out here.
    Keep visiting 🙂

jackey - September 21, 2015

Helpful info. Lucky me I discovered your site accidentally, and I am surprised why this
coincidence did not took place earlier! I bookmarked it.

Eduardo Cornejo - September 25, 2015

Hey Deepak,

Awesome post on NS and Neil’s work!

I have been following his step as well, and at 3.5 months, I am already hitting 20K views (so far this month).

For me, my FB page, which is at 11K likes has been essential. And in addition to that, I got a deal to guest post for a blog in my niche with 60K FB likes, and in exchange they share my own blog’s articles. Every time they share one on their FB, I get around 5K views and around 100 email subscribers (almost at 900 of those!).

I see you comment on Neil’s posts a lot, so I know you’re doing good too! All I’ve learned comes from Neil. As for my guest blogging deal, the way I got it done was by using this knowledge on marketing and WordPress blog designing (which I designed similarly to QS), to convince the writer of that blog that, if I can guest post for him, I could help him with his website as well.

The way I did it was by commenting on a few articles they had, and saying how they’re awesome at what they do. Then, I sent an email saying that I too have a blog in that niche, and that although they seem to be doing fine (even though I spotted a few flows in design that I knew I could fix 😉 ), that if they ever needed any help, I was ready.

This led to them saying how they don’t have everything fine (as planned!), and that if I could help that’d be great. I started just guest blogging and helping them with plugins and whatnot…now I just got a new deal with them to guest post 3 times a week, with no other writer other than me there at the moment, and in exchange I get a couple of dollars per post, and 2 of my own articles shared on their FB page per week (what I really care about right now). This should give me about 10K additional weekly views, and between 100-200 email subscribers.

It’s crazy how it all happened, but this is literally the best way to boost up while starting out. With this new deal, I believe that I could get close to 50K views or more starting October, which should put me at a place where I could start thinking about monetizing.

Hopefully this helps you or your readers in any way, because it is helping me big time. My niche is fitness, but my love for marketing is just as strong!

Good luck to every one (and I really hope I can get something out of this…Yes, I am still broke! Haha)


    Deepak Rana - September 26, 2015

    Eduardo Cornejo, thanks for dropping such an insightful comment.You’ve done really well in short span of time.
    It looks a like you’ve some really good plans & proper strategies for your business.Would like to hear more from you, Keep Visiting 🙂

Oyekunle Damola - September 26, 2015

Hi Deepak,

Lovely lovely writing. I’ve got to say, I always see your comment on Neil Patel’s blog and they are very insightful. I also like the depth of the research you did into writing this article. (Lovely emoticons by the way. definitely copying that 🙂 )

You are right though, like it or not, Neil Patel’s name is playing a huge role in increasing the popularity of his Nutrition Secrets and I also have absolutely no problem with that 😉

Good writing once again.


Anand - October 16, 2015

Hey i find this interesting but instead i find your articel more in revealing the lie of niel patel.
But i admire your work.Can you tell us how much you are making from your blog,i think you have also done some awosome work like neil patel student.

Charles - April 12, 2016

Deepak – Great post! Thank you for your insightful research on this.

Do you have any idea how Neil setup the home page and feature box for NutritionSecrets.com? I really like the clean look and feel of this design but can’t figure out how to emulate it.

Christian - June 6, 2016

You are right – especially in the beginning. Nutrition Secrets definitely got a big boost from the links from QuickSprout and Neil’s own blog.

But to be fair he did stop linking to the site after the first few months. And most of the advice he gives is pretty solid – even if it won’t quite lead to results as spectacular as his. I’ve summarised what I’ve learned from the challenge in my article (check the link in my name).

Either way, I enjoyed the $100k challenge and I enjoyed your analysis of it. Thanks for sharing!

    Deepak Rana - June 7, 2016

    Hii Christian. Yeah, nutrition secrets got the initial boost from Neil’s own blogs itself. Anyway, he has got amazing skills and he would have done all these things secretly too however, Neil didn’t kept his words.
    I just checked your article and I liked it 🙂 Keep visiting

uthman Saheed - August 27, 2016

Smiling. This is really an investigative research/case study of boss’s nutrition secret blog. I was just smiling reading this.


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