I’m a writer, I write ton of posts for my blogs. More importantly, I’m an affiliate marketer. I need to sell stuff with my writing skills.

Yeah, selling stuff online is an art.

I would rather read a biased review rather than reading a Grammatically incorrect article, because it reading one such article SUCKS!

You may write 5000 words article about a product and rank it, but if your article is uncomfortable to read and doesn’t make any sense to the reader, then its just a WASTE.

So, guys, if you’re looking for grammarly reviews, then you’re at right place. This is my main blog and I don’t write shit for the sake of money and it’s never been my main source of money. You’ll only find 2-3 review articles.

Yeah, I love making money, but this blog represents me a person. This blog defines me as a blogger, so I don’t mess up with this blog at all.

Alright, enough of talk.

My Conclusion, if you don’t have enough time to read.

Grammaly is one of the tools that I’ve been using for straight two years and I would continue using it. Though I’ve reduced its usage because my Grammar has been improved over the time, I didn’t practice grammar intentionally though.

And, I like to be independent rather than depending on a tool.

Grammarly is a tool that will come in handy if you somewhat understand the English. If you’re totally noob in English, that I don’t think so, then this tool will not help you either. Because it’s just a tool, end of the day.

You can’t depend on any tool. However, if you understand English then this tool will definitely help you to become a better writer.

I would recommend this tool if you write often and hire non-native writer because this tools helps to proofread the article and give the articles “native written” touch.

Grammarly Reviews: My Unbiased Reviews

You may have remembered my last post on Grammarly freemium version. I got some decent feedback & appreciation that.

I made 43 leads from the free version. But that’s another thing because I wasn’t focusing on generating sales.

I was quite happy with the free version. My writing skills were improving over the time and my grammar & vocabulary mistakes kept on decreasing.

But, I’ve noticed that I was making some decent advanced mistakes in my articles. Therefore, I wasn’t  happy with my articles and had hard time to hit the publish button with those advanced mistakes.

Since my audience was highly qualified; therefore, I was feeling a little embarrassing. By highly-qualified I mean, native English speakers.

I was aware of the fact that they get annoyed during reading my articles despite of such rich information. No one wants to read an article with grammar mistakes especially when you’re in Blogging & SEO niche where you’re supposed to be a good writer, right?

I kept on re-reading my articles, but I was unable to find mistakes.  Therefore, I decided to purchase Grammarly Premium Version. And, within the very next article, my mistakes dropped to zero, yeah you read it right!

Not only  I was able to enhance my vocabulary but at the same time I was able to learn Grammar. Therefore, I thought of writing about Grammarly reviews for my blog readers.

The reason why It is the best proofreader tool in the market

Grammarly Introduction- Keeping the thing in mind that you might don’t know what Grammarly is I’ve explained it below.

The Grammarly Editor is an automated proofreader that corrects contextual spelling mistakes, checks for more than 250 types of common grammatical errors, enhances vocabulary usage, and suggests citations. This feature-rich online editor can store all of your documents and allows you to access them anytime, anywhere.

You can use the Grammarly Editor as a starting place for anything you want to write. Or, you can upload written content you’ve started elsewhere (like WordPress or a word processor) once you feel like you’re ready to begin the editing process.

The Browser Extension (Chrome, Safari, Firefox)

Grammarly’s browser extension checks your text for spelling and grammatical errors anytime you write something online to help you avoid embarrassing mistakes in comments, tweets, and status updates.

 Grammarly’s Premium Version takes your grammar to the next level. It unlocks all the closed shutter for a non-native speaker to become a champ in writing. It has a lot of features that I’m going to discuss below.

#1. Write According to Your Industry & Need

Well, this a noteworthy feature of the premier Grammarly package. You can write according to your need & according to the need of an industry.

It allows you to write in Academic, Business, Technical, Medical, & Casual mode. If you’re a business man then, you can start writing like a business man by enabling business mode.

If you’re a pharmacist blogger then, you can enable doctor mode.

If you’re a techy blogger then, you can enable technical mode.

Here is the screenshot (These Main categories have subcategories)

grammarly review

#2 Grammarly Premium Version Let You Correct The Advanced Grammar & Vocabulary Issues

In the free version, Grammarly helps to correct over 250 of your grammatical errors immediately. But, in the premium version you get additional 150+ types of grammar checks.

Hence you can write without any obstacle. Moreover, you get a complete control over advanced grammar mistakes, i.e., you can correct the advanced grammar mistakes (It is not allowed in the freemium version of Grammarly).

grammarly premium version review

You can write in a single tone. What I mean is that it helps you to write in the single voice, i.e., Active voice or passive voice. Though, it’s a bad idea sticking to only one voice throughout article, doesn’t it?

The software is designed to write like a grammar nerd. Hence, no more worries about new grammar mistakes. 

#3 Spelling & Punctuation Checker

Contextual spelling checker- Correctly spelled words used in the wrong context mean embarrassing mistakes for you. Grammarly spots erroneous use of lose/loose, affect/effect, lie/lay, there/their/they’re, and many other commonly confused words.

Not only non-native speakers but native speakers often get confused with such words. Therefore, Grammarly comes in handy in that situation.

Writing style– In the premium version of Grammarly, you can improve your writing style. Grammarly’s editor can be adjusted for business, fiction,  academic, and over 20 other styles of writing. You can be confident that you’re writing correctly for your chosen format. 

Sentence Structure– It suggests you the best structure of a sentence if the existing structure of the sentence doesn’t look reasonable. It makes the sentence looks better & appropriate. Hence, It helps you to make your article look alike written by a skilled author.

Punctuation– Well, there is nothing very special offered in the premium version since, the freemium version provides the same punctuation facilities. But, I’ve noticed that It offers you more punctuation suggestion & mistakes. You can say you can use some very advanced punctuation in your articles.

Additional Features for Premium Grammarly Users: Another Reason Behind Grammarly

Plagiarism checking- Grammarly’s powerful cloud-based engine scan over 8 billion web-pages to cross check a document for unintentional plagiarism.  This popular feature also reinforces proper citation habits.


If you often hire freelancers for your business & want to know if the articles they are writing for you is original or not then, this feature will be a goldmine for you.

Now, this could be a useless addition, but if you’re a blogger and want to know the uniqueness of the article, then this feature is going to give you an added advantage. If you’re going to buy additional service it will cost you healthy bucks, right? So why not go with Grammarly premium version and have an added advantage.  

Vocabulary Enhancement- Grammarly helps you write with clarity and expand your lexicon by suggesting context-optimized alternatives and synonyms for your overused and repetitive words.

grammarly review

It suggests you the best words that make your article look professional. Your blog readers will believe in what you’re writing. Moreover, you get to learn new words & synonyms which is astonishing in itself.

Grammarly for Microsoft Office-  Grammarly for Microsoft® Office provides a more robust spelling and grammar checker than the built-in spelling checker for Office.

grammarly review

Grammarly: Premium Plans

Monthly = $29.95 per month

The Monthly Pack is best if you’ve got a very tight budget but you want to try Grammarly if it is worth going after or not.

Quarterly = $59.95 per quarter

The quarterly plan is good for those who have a little budget & get good traffic.

Annual = $139.95 per year

The annual plan is one the best plan for intermediate and pro bloggers. If your blog gets traffic from English speaker countries then, this is plan is worth going after.

How Grammarly Affected Me as a Blogger

After launching Shouterbuzz, I started posting Articles. I tried to make articles as informative as I can with proper analysis & resources. But, I received few personal emails with message ‘Deepak, you’ve got good skills but, you need to work on your grammar & you’ve to proofread your articles before, you publish them.

After receiving few emails with same tone & message, I felt a bit depressed. Then I introduced to Grammarly & I gave it a try.

To be honest, Things are changed now. Now, I’m known for my writing skills. People love reading my articles & feel to write like me. Moreover, I’ve seen good changes in conversion rate. (The reason for writing Grammarly Review)

Grammarly Reviews

Do Grammarly Premium Worth it? – Grammarly  Review

If you’ve got a basic knowledge of grammar then, Grammarly is essential. I spent my money (blog earning) & results are in front of you.

Grammarly tools cover so many different touch points of writing, and it’s easy for anyone to see, fix, and learn from suggestions, Grammarly is skill-level agnostic. For more advanced writers, students, or writing professionals, Grammarly Premium, and its additional features is a great fit.

If you want to make your future in blogging then, Grammarly is the must for you. If you’re a native speaker even then, Grammarly is a good product to buy. If you compare a tool with human that will certainly a foolish thing because no tool can be replaced with human, not at all. 

If you often hire non-native writers, like me, then you have take a quick glance at grammar, grammrly comes in handy there. On top of that, it helps you to check content plagiarism which let you know if your writer is playing game with you.

Again, it can’t replace a human, but it’s definitely a good tool. If you’ve budget then go for it, its worth it, otherwise free version is there for you.

I’ve Got Discount For You 🙂

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