Google Adsense is the most popular Ad Network to monetize a blog. All you've to do is, apply ads on a blog, and someone will click on your Ads, and you'll earn money.

The mechanism is simple, right?

The mechanism may sound simple, but actually, there are a lot of factors to be considered and take care of to earn good enough from your blog traffic.

The most crucial factor that plays a significant role is CPC, and most of the times CPC sucks, right?

And, If your last search was anywhere around increase Adsense CPC, then the chances are you belong to the same category, most probably.​

How to Increase Adsense CPC?

Well, before I proceed further, I would like to discuss some common terms like CPC, CTR, RPM with you. Because if you're not familiar with these terms, then you'll have a hard time making money out of your Adsense account.

What is CPC in Google Adsense?

CPC is the cost-per-click, and it is the amount of money you earn each time a user click on your ad. Now, CPC for your ad is determined on the Ad displayed on your blog.

Some Advertisers may be willing to pay you more than other advertisers. I'll discuss that in coming points that will clear your confusion. 

What is CTR in Google Adsense?

CTR is the Click-Through-Rate, and it is the number of clicks received for each 100 impressions. Thus, if you've Adsense ads ACTIVE on your blog, and you receive 100 impressions and 5 clicks, then your Adsense CTR will be 5%.

What is Page RPM in Google Adsense?

I've taken the best answer from Google support itself.

Page RPM is the Revenue-Per-Mile or Revenue per 1000 impressions & it is calculated by dividing your estimated earnings by the number of page views you received, then multiplying by 1000

Page RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1000

For example, if you earned an estimated $0.15 from 25 page views, then your page RPM would equal ($0.15 / 25) * 1000, or $6.00.

Now that you know what  CTR, CPC & RPM is, it's time to move to your main query i.e.,

How to increase Adsense CPC~ Actionable Tips


Niche Of Your Blog

​The first and foremost factor that determines the CPC is the niche of your blog.

​There is a specific reason behind it. If the competition between the advertisers is high in your niche, then you'll have better CPC. Because, advertisers are spending more money on advertising to get leads or sales.

For instance, if your blog niche is gaming and you write about games like clash of cans, subway surfer, and few other popular games, then the chances are you'll be getting very less CPC.​


See, Google Spiders analyze your web-page and place most relevant ads, and the chances are "Games related Ads" will be displayed and bidding on those ads are very less because the game itself is free, then how can you suppose more than or around 1$ from a single click, right?

Let me show you a live example from the clash of the cans' keyword.

increase adsense cpc

The suggested bid is just 0.165 dollar which is extremely less. You'll not get good CPC at all, no matter what because the advertisers are not willing to pay a high amount, and they have optimized their ads for very less cost-per-click over the time.

The CPC pretty much depends on the niche of your blog. So, if you're in a niche that has less potential, then it's better to look for Adsense alternatives or for the networks that you can use along Adsense.

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Here is a list of keywords/niches that gives the best CPC ever. So, if you're thinking to start a new blog, then make sure you look for the niches falling in the following categories. 

  1. Insurance Based Blogs
  2. Donation Based Blogs
  3. Loan Based Blogs
  4. Lawyer Based Blogs
  5. Health & Fitness Based Blogs
  6. Tech-Based Blog

Here is an excellent infographic from WordStream that explains where's Google making it's money.

Increase Adsense CPC
This is a Wordstream property

Target Tier Countries to Increase Adsense CPC

You need to understand your audience's region, i.e., the country of your most visited audience.

​If you traffic is from tier 2 & tier 3 countries, then you can't expect good CPC. You can get decent CPC, but you can't beat the CPC you get for tier 1 countries.

TIER 1 COUNTRY LIST (Arranged Alphabetically)







Czech Republic








Korea, south






New Zealand




Slovak Republic





United Kingdom

United States of America

Tips To Get Traffic From Tier 1 Countries

Pick a Worldwide Niche- To get tier one country traffic you need to write something that people from tier 1 countries are looking for.

You can't expect good traffic from tier1 traffic if your targeted audience is from tier 2 or tier 3 countries.

Therefore, if you want to increase Adsense CPC, th​en you need target countries like UK, US, Canada, and Australia otherwise it is will be hard to get a good CPC.


Target High CPC Keywords To Increase Adsense CPC

If your blog has a general niche, then keywords research can help you to spot a growth in the CPC.

​Before you write an article, do keyword research and in the process, find high CPC keywords.

When you'll target high CPC keywords, and optimize the content for those keywords, then Google Spiders will display relevant Ads which means the Ads that will appear on that web-page will be of high CPC.​

How to Find High CPC Keywords?

1. Visit Google AdWord & register your account.

2.Now plug-in Your keywords & then click on get ideas.

Keyword research to increase Adsense CPC

3. Now check keywords with higher BID & target them in your content.

how to increase adsense cpc

As of you can see, these keywords have splendid CPC. When someone will click on the Ad showed from one of these companies, then you'll get paid high for a single click.

However, publishers get only 68% of the total amount. So, you can do calculations accordingly, and these are suggested BIDS are not certain, it can be high or a bit low.

Bonus: I've Shared a List of High Adsense CPC keywords in my "How to Build & Rank Niche Site" article so go & check it out.


Enable Image & Text Ads For Increasing Adsense CPC

Google Adsense contains text ads & image (rich media) ads; however, you can configure it accordingly to display both types of ads which is officially recommended by the Google because the combo of text & image ads bring better results in CPC & CTR.

Text ADS

​Many AdSense publishers proclaim that text ads perform best on their blogs. This is because more ads are displayed in one ad unit as compared to only one ad when using image ads.

The CTR and CPC are normally higher than image ads. Text ads perform well if your blog has a lot of images, or if the ad unit is placed next to an image.

​Image Ads

Image ads look more appealing thus attract visitor's attention. Further, image ads are eCPM based compared to the text ads, which means you your earning based on page views, not on clicks.

Images ads perform well compared to text ads when used in leaderboard unit (728×90) as a banner ad.

​If your blog gets less CTR, then image ads could be a solution for you. However, Image ads generally pay less for a click.


From the above comparison, it's clear that both ads, i.e., Image ads and text ads have pros and cons. Therefore, Google recommends you to use both the ads together to increase the Adsense CPC & CTR.

AdSense displays the highest paying ads in an ad unit; therefore image ads will only be displayed if the CPC is greater than all the text ads in one ad unit combined.

Therefore, it is recommended to enable both image & text based ads to increase the Adsense CPC.

How to Display Combo of Text & Image Ads?

1. Click on "My Ads" Section.

2. Create a New Ad Unit.

3. Select "Text & Display Ads" in the Ad type section.

4. After that, click on save and get code.

increasing adsense cpc

Displaying Dozens of Ads~ CPC Killer!

Displaying too many ads don't only kill the CPC but also kill the CTR, which results in lesser earnings and also a violation of Google Adsense  that will lead you to the Adsense ban.

If your articles are short and don't have definitive keywords, then Google will strive to display irrelevant Ads for the visitors. And, it will result into lesser CPC and lower CTR.

So, be careful, don't make your website an Ad monster.


Block Less Paying Ads To Increase Adsense Earning

You need to track the ads giving you less CPC continuously and often displaying on your blog. After analyzing the ads, block them. And, then you'll see immediate increase in your Adsense CPC & earnings

I know that most of the Adsense users don't know how to block Adsense ads that pay less or any other ads. So, I've explained the whole process right below.

How To Find Low Paying CPC Adsense Ads

1. First of all visit Google Adsense Sandbox.

2. Now there add your domain URL or web page URL & click on preview Ads.

Block low paying cpc ads

3. Now you will see the different-different ads that have been appearing on your blog.

4. Now pick the URL of advertiser company & paste it on

methods to increase adsensecpc

5.After that click on Ads option to analyze the CPC You're getting

tips to increase CPC

From the above picture, you can see that the first advertising company has CPC of 0.05 $, which is considerably low. So, I'll block the Ads having similar stats, low CPC.

How to Block Advertisers to Increase Adsense CPC.

After analyzing the data, you know the advertisers' companies paying you less than other Ad companies. So, the next step is to block the Advertiser. I've explained the process blow to block low paying CPC Ads.

1. Open the Google Adsense account & go to 'Alow & Block ads' section.

2.Now, put the URL of low paying advertiser & click on block URL.

3. That's it. You've blocked the low paying Ads.

tips to increase adsense cpc


Blocking General Categories To Increase Adsense CPC

Google Adsense display Ads on your blog from various categories which results into lesser CPC & CTR, most of the times.

If your blog topic is health but Ads are showing from irrelevant categories like vehicle or real estate, then it will certainly hurt your Adsense earnings because those Ads are irrelevant to your audience, and they might don't click on Ads.​

In the "allow & block Ads" section, you can analyze that which Ad categories are performing better or worst, and, then block the Ads killing your Adsense earning.

1. First of all, click on "Allow & Block Ads" & select general categories. You'll the similar stuff in your Adsense account.

increase adsense earning

2. Now, here comes the tricky part. You need to analyze the categories by looking at "Ad Impressions" & "% Earnings."

3. In my case, on scrolling down, I found two categories that are not performing well as compared to other categories. So, I blocked them by enabling block button on them.

increase adsense cpc

As you can see, each category has sub-categories. The first one has 20 subcategories & the second one has 16 categories. And, Google Adsense has a limit of 50 Ads.

You can't block more than 50 Ads. ​

Since Google has placed a limit, therefore, it's important for you to dig dipper and block sub-categories instead of blocking the main category. This will help you to limit down the block of categories and increase the earning.

For example, I analyzed "arts and entertainment" & found that one sub-category (which also has 4 subcategories) is not performing well. Hence I blocked it. Thus, it's better to block the Ads by digging into sub-categories rather than blocking the whole category of Ad.

block adsense categories

Blocking Sensitive Ads in Google Adsense To Increase Adsense CPC

Google has introduced sensitive ads section; this Ad category has sub categories like gambling, religion, black magic, casino and few others.

Though these categories have less CPC as compared to general categories but these Ads are really catchy and get more clicks than general categories.

Just like the last process, analyze which Ad category is working out for you. The one which is not performing well for you block it, follow the same process to block the Ads.​

Wrapping it up! 

Google Adsense is a all time best Ad network. I've shared all the genuine tips & trick to increase the Adsense CPC & Adsense earnings.

Apply these tips and you'll definitely see some difference in your Adsense earnings. 

However, Adsense CPC pretty much depends on the niche, keywords selection, and traffic demographic.

If your blog doesn't have tier 1 traffic, then focus on improving the CTR. For that follow the Adsense heat map​ & keep doing A/B splitting.

If you guys like the article, then share your thoughts in the comment section, and kindly share it on your favorite social media platform. 

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