Submitting your website/blog to a trusted & authority online directories is a great way to increase your organic traffic.

Ever since Google Panda came into the action & started penalizing the websites, few of the bloggers/webmasters stopped building links through online directories.

Though it’s a good step but according to Matt Cutts (founder of Google) said that good online directories still carries weight in SEO.

What are Online Web Directories? 

A web directory is not a search engine.It lists the websites by their categories and subcategories.Most web directories are not found by web crawlers but by humans.

List of Best Online Directories For SEO

Directory List

Some Facts About Web Directories 🙂

Best SEO directories

Importance of SEO Directories

  1. It helps you to build backlinks which are essential for SEO as its help you increase the SERP of your website.
  2. It gives you an extra exposure which helps you to build an authority website.
Things to Remember Before Submitting Your Website to These SEO Web Directories
  1. Before submitting your website to directories save your blog name, blog title, blog link, blog bio.
  2. Make sure your blog have a good amount of content published.
  3. Make sure you submit your website to relevant to your blog category.
  4. Don’t use any third party tool to submit your blog automatically to these directories.
  5. Don’t spam your submission with the excess of exact-match keyword anchor text. Never do anything that leads to Google penalizing your website now or in the future.

Last Message

I’ve compiled a list of 25 online the SEO online SEO directories.I mentioned some facts about directories, I hope you all like that.Don’t forget the terms I’ve mentioned before you submitting your website to these online SEO directories.

And one more thing after submitting your website to these SEO directories don’t go crazy because it may take the time to get your website registered.So keep calm & have patience.

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