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Last year, I started off my career in blogging. And, throughout the time, I came across many things that awe-struck my mind. And, one of them was a "building and ranking a micro niche site".

I read few guides regarding "building a micro-niche site" however, I didn’t understand the scenario. Now, I don't know whether it was me who was dumb or the articles which didn't explain it well

Anyway, throughout the time with a lot of hustling, I learned the process, and right now micro niche sites are my main sources of income, yeah! It may sound ridiculous, but micro-niche is a beautiful way to fuel up your blogging career.

Building an authority site is comparatively tough as compared to building a micro-niche site. And, the reason is obvious behind it. Thus, building a micro-niche blog is always a good idea.

So, today I’ll burst the tips and tactics wide open so that you can fuel up your blogging career by building a micro niche site. I’ve aligned everything accordingly, as you can see in tabbed content at the top. It will both of us to stay focused.

So, let’s get into the main topic..


What Are Micro Niche Sites

Micro Niche sites are the sites that are solely focussed on a single keyword, sometimes even more. These sites don’t get a massive traffic however they have the tendency to generate a good amount of money with laser targeted audience.

And, the blogs that are solely focussed a micro topic tend to rank quickly on search engines because they cover only a single topic over the time. And, Google & other search engine loves it. For example,

  • Best gaming laptops
  • cat name suggestion
  • whey protein reviews
  • wifi router reviews
  • Best Dog Food

Micro Niche Sites Examples- Niche Ideas

Still, if you've got a confusion that how a micro niche site looks alike, then don't worry because I've got a list of real Amazon based niche sites. Don't think to build a niche site on the same subject since they already have established themselves as an authority and you'll have a tough time beating them in SERPs.

Why should you Build a Micro Niche Site?

There are few reasons why I love Micro-Niche sites. And, I'm alone managing 5 Micro Niche blogs and 3 of them is already ranking on the first page and 2 of them I've just launched, however, they are under top 7- Didn't work more than 5 hours on each.

1) Easy to rank on search engines than regular blogs.

2) Affiliate based blogs convert well~ If done properly.

3) Don't need huge traffic to make bucks~ It's all about targeted Audience.

4) Easy to set up, less work and quick results~ saves your time.

How To Find Profitable Keywords For Your Niche Sites

Now that you know what are micro niche websites and how do they work. It's the time to move one step ahead.

Selecting a niche/keyword is one of the crucial factors. If you choose a niche that is way competitive or has no potential, then there is no point of proceeding further.

Let me tell you; A niche site is all about the keyword/s you select. If you mess up there, then nobody can help you in any way. You'll end up making another niche site- Another One!

Yeah, you'll definitely learn something from your mistakes but what's the point of wasting few months of your life? So, stick with me and find out how you can discover profitable keywords for your next micro niche site.

Things you should consider during keyword research

Before you begin with keywords research, there are few things to keep in mind otherwise everything will be messed up & you'll have nothing in the hands.

1. Monetization Method: First of all, you need to decide what kind of niche you want to begin with. Either an Ads based micro niche site or affiliate based site.

Otherwise, you would not be able to find a niche until and unless it's your lucky day. Once you decide it, then the real process begins. I'll explain to you why I said that in the next point.

2. Keyword Intent: As I told you, You should decide what kind of monetization model your niche site will have because metrics will change according to it.

If you're going to make an affiliate based micro niche site, then even 1000 or 500 searches could be enough to earn decent money, depending on the price and commission.

However, if you want an Adsense based website, then 500 or 1000  monthly searches would not be enough until and unless you're targeting very very high CPC keyword.

So, the point is that decide your monetization model. If you're going with an affiliate, then even few searches can do the magic. On the other hand, if you want to build an Adsense based niche website, then consider at least 10,000 searches (medium or low CPC)

How To Find a Seed Keyword

Let's say I want to build an affiliate based site, alright? Then what I'll do is I'll start off with "buyer intent keywords." If you've no idea how to find seed keywords, then worry not. I'll help you out.

There are a couple of methods, but the best one that helps is "Awareness." If you know what is going on around you, then you'll be able to come up with some seed keywords. 

Start looking at the things around you and you'll wonder what the heck I was doing so far. Anyways, let's start off! Let me think about a keyword (awareness)

It took me few seconds; I decided affiliate as a monetization model. I came up with a topic/Keyword "Desk Lamps." See I did the same thing, just looking at the things around me, not boasting about myself, though!

Heading off to Google Keyword Planner With My Seed Keyword

Now that I have a keyword in my mind thus I'm heading off to Google Webmaster. I'll plug-in my main keyword and will show you the results I've got.

Here is the result I've got for my seed keyword "Desk Lamp." It has got 33,100 searches, excellent!

micro niche site

At the same time, I clicked on "Ad Group Ideas" tab to get the list of more seed keywords. And, I got very very potential keywords with a good amount of searches. 

Here is the image from my "Ad Group Ideas" tab.

micro niche site keywords

Keyword Potential- Not All Keywords Are Productive

Like I said before, you need to understand the keyword intent, i.e., user behavior. Does people looking to buy or to learn something. Take a look at my keyword again, "Desk Lamp."

It may have got decent searches, but the competition is above 40. Therefore, it's not worth trying because we can find the potential keywords within the same niche having less competition.

And, at the same time, if you take a look at the keyword,​ it has buyer intent but limited. Because few people might be searching for desk lamp just to check the price or images and other few things, right?

To find more keywords, I plugged in the seed keyword in LongTailPro. Then I selected the maximum competition to "30" & I got pretty good numbers of profitable keywords.

Bonus: I uploaded the list of keywords along their competition (under 30). You can download them & start your affiliate based niche site today.

We need a keyword that can make people wallet out. So, to see if your keyword/s have buyer intent. You need to make some changes in the keywords.

To do so, add words like best, review, discount with your keyword, alright? Here is how you can use these keywords. Marketever has nailed it- Credit to them.

  • Best/Top Rated + Product Type
  • Cheap + Product Type
  • Quality + Product Type
  • Product Name + For Sale
  • Bargain + Product Type
  • Best + Product Type + Online
  • Best + Product Type + Review
  • Best + Product Type + Year
  • Buy + Product Type / Product Name
  • Where Can I Buy + Product Name / Product Type
  • Product Name + Vs/Or/Compared to + Product Name
  • Product Name + Review/Reviews
  • Product Name + Coupon

I did a simple research using "best" as a prefix, and I got some pretty good results. The keyword has 1000+ searches. And, the keyword has medium competition that means it can be ranked easily.

Remember that Long Tail Keywords always have more buyer intent because they are more specific. For example,

Best Computer~ Now, people might be searching this for information.

Best Gaming Computer ~ This keyword has more buyer intent because the under research is specific. The user is looking to buy the best gaming computer.

Best Gaming Computer Under 500$ ~ As you can see, this keyword has super buyer intent. The user is looking for the gaming computers under 500$ that means the user has got a budget, and he/she will make a purchase.

AdSense Based Micro Niche Sites ​

The Process is similar for AdSense based sites, but the only difference is that you don't need "Buyer Intent" in your keywords since you're not going to sell anything, right?

But at the same time, you need the good amount of searches with high CPC. And, it take efforts and patience.

Few days back, I thought to build an AdSense based niche site. Then, I searched for the "high paying AdSense keywords" & I got to know that Insurance niche pays the best for Ad clicks. Here is the infoGraphic by WordStream.

adsense niche site

Then, I picked up my seed keyword and plugged it into the LongTailPro & I found amazing keywords with less competition and way high CPC. Unfortunately, the CPC is in INR so don't get it wrong. The average CPC was around 150$. 

Isn't that amazing? Just a simple search on Google and I came across best and High CPC Keywords- Goldmine Keywords for my Adsense Niche Sites, don't they?

Here are perks of high CPC keywords~ Another one!​

Adsense micro niche site

These Keywords might not have thousands of searches, but they will get the job done to a limited audience. 

Competition To Select For A Micro Niche Website

If you're a long tail pro user, then you might know that it calculates the difficulty of a keyword from 0 to 100. The higher it is, the harder it is to rank, obviously.

People often ask what competition you prefer for your niche sites, and my answer is~ always under 30. And, you should do the same because keywords under 30 can be ranked with a new site.

This little infographic shows what's the difficulty of a keyword according to the LTP competitiveness metric.

micro niche site difficulty

Beginning With Your Micro Niche Site

Domain Selection For Your Niche Site- How to pick a good Domain Name?

pick a good domain for micro niche site

Now that you've your keywords in the hand. It's the time to pick a domain name & get started with your micro niche site. However, you need to pick a domain name carefully because a good domain will give you a big advantage.

  • Branded Domain Name
  • Exact Match Domain Name

If you're a newbie blogger, it might get tough for you to pick a right domain name and also might get tough to differentiate between those highlighted terms.

Branded Domain Name​

As term coins, A branded domain name is a domain that used to brand the business. For example, you can take my own site ShouterBuzz, does it has a particular meaning or it a word from a dictionary?

`The answer is a simple NO. I used this domain name to build a brand. This domain has a meaning, but it's not exactly an official word. I used this domain just to build a brand.

Exact Match Domain Name (EMD)

As term says, It's a domain that based on particular keyword and has a meaning. These domains are brandable however they have a specific meaning. These domains speak what a website is about. For example,

  • Bestphotoeditortool
  • Bestandroidgames
  • Bloggingtips
  • Hairdryerreview

 What Type of Domain You Should Pick For Your Niche Site?

The answer is quite evident, Exact Match Domain Name. However, few SEO Gurus might not agree, but that's a topic for another day.

Always include your keywords in the domain name. It will give you an edge, and your ranking will improve significantly. For example, If my keyword is "Best Desk Lamp" then I'll pick a domain name like bestdesklamp.com/ or in other extensions.

If the exact domain name is not available, then I'll add some words to the domain, it could be anything like ibestdesklamp or bestdeskslamp

When you pick an EMD, it gives you a big time advantage. I always pick an EMD and without doing nothing my domain name, i.e., targeted keyword makes it to the Top 10 Google SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position).

The answer is simple. Your domain name should have the keyword, so Google can understand what is your site all about. So, always pick an EMD.

Preferred Extensions For Domain Name

.com .net and .org. If your Micro Niche site is a country specific, then you can go with a local extension that gives you an added advantage. For example, if you're targeting the UK, then you can go with co.uk

Where to Register The Domain?

Once you've decided the domain name, you can register your domain name at Godaddy or NameCheap. I never been a customer of NameCheap but I'll be using them soon.

Else you can go for Bluehost; It will give you a free domain name for a year if you buy hosting from them. And, their hosting service is one of the best so you can save some buck with Bluehost.

Writing a Static HomePage- The Untold Trick to Rank A Micro Niche Site

After setting up the site, it's time to post related articles?


The first thing you need to do is write a page covering the main keyword and set it as an homepage. It gives a huge boost to your Google SERP.

If you're going to promote a product, then you need to write a very qualitative homepage to get better conversion rate. 

How to Write Static Home Page That Converts

Write an article with at least 2000 words. But it can vary niche to niche. I've a niche where I wrote 3500 words, and I also have a niche that has 1000 words.

The more you will write the better it will be especially if it is an affiliate based micro niche site.

Extend the length of the page to improve the ranking.  According to SerpIq research, the average length of an article that ranks on Google is 2400+ words. Thus, be more specific in your article for better ranking.

And, add images and video in the article, if possible.

article length

Writing SEO Friendly Articles For Your Niche Site

Before I begin, Remember that the same process will apply for your static home page.

Proper Formatting of Articles- Make it Readable!

  • Breakdown into the paragraphs
  • A paragraph should not have more than 4 lines
  • Proper Use of Heading Tags
  • Usage of Media in your content

Usage of Keywords in The Article

  • Add your keyword in the slug- For example, If your targeted keyword is "Best-Speaks-For-Car," then use the exact keyword in URL, neither short nor long. 
  • ​Use the keyword in body, and maintain the density around 1%.

Writing Quality Article- Special Tips For Affiliate Based Niche Blogs

  • Proofread your Article. Don't make grammatical mistakes in the articles. It will kill your conversion rate. So, make sure you don't make any grammatical mistake and always proofread your articles before publishing.

Personally, I use Grammarly ​to proofread my articles. Check My Grammarly Reviews Here.

  • Add Pros and Cons while reviewing the product. If you're just writing good sides of products, then it will limit down your conversion rate.
  • Do use table system. Dom Well from HumanProofDesigns increased the conversion rate upto 300% by using the table on his Amazon based Niche site.
micro niche site

Writing Relevant Articles~ How to Find Keywords

A micro niche site generally contains 10-15 articles or sometimes even less. You can write on relevant topics & keep on interlinking to your homepage with main anchor text but make sure you also diversify it with LSI Keywords.

You can find related keywords by plugging in your main keyword in LongTailPro or Google Adwords or also in Ubersuggest.

Let's say, my targeted keyword is best folding bike, then I'll simply put in my main keyword in the Keyword Planner & collect the similar keywords.

Remember, these keywords not only help you to support overall site but if you rank them (that you will eventually happen) your site will start generating passive income.

See, just a simple search and I got a lot of keywords to write about. You can check the competition manually, but if you're a newbie, then a tool like LongTailPro is a goldmine. It will not only give you list of related keywords, but you can also find keywords with less competition.

I'm not biased about LongTailPro but let me tell you If I had have not this tool I wouldn't have come across such awesome keywords.

micro niche site

​There were hundreds of keywords within the same topic. I can simply write on them and when they will start ranking I'll start making big MONEY!

The article is getting really long, so I'm not going to write every single aspect of writing an SEO friendly article. I've already written a comprehensive guide on it, just read it.

Must Read: How to Write SEO Friendly Articles ​That Ranks On Google

​Finding Niche or Seed Keywords~ 2 Other Methods

That being said, There are many methods out there on the market that can help you to find a niche but, in the end, it's all about your awareness. If your mind is still stuck in tech & SEO niche, then you might end up wasting hours without finding a keyword.

So, here I'm sharing other methods that will help you to find keywords.

1. Go to Amazon.com. Click on department section. Now, you can see a  huge list of keywords in front of you, ain't it?

Just pick the niche that your're comfortable with and start deploying keywords.

2. Go to Flippa.com & start exploring the sites that are being auctioned there. Notice down the sites having exact match domain. If those sites are being sold or getting sold at high price, then you can try out your hand within the same niche.

You can select the options accordingly to get a more relevant result on Flippa. Here is what I generally use.

You can also read Matthew woodward guide on finding proven money making niches.

flippa for finding niche sites

High CPC AdSense Based Niche Sites~ Keywords Revealed!

That being said, to build an AdSense Based micro niche site you need to get into the professional niches like trading, forexinsurance, and finance

​You can find unlimited untapped keywords. Like I said, I found some keywords having CPC as high as 200$. However, don't expect the same CPC because revenue is always shared between Google, Publisher, and Advertiser.

But I can assure you that you can get normal CPC between 2 to 10$ which is the best CPC you can ever get.

Let's assume that you make a micro niche site that gets at least 5,000 traffic a month, and you get Avg CTR of 2 (my average CTR is 5) with 2$ CPC, then you'll earn this much according to my calculations.

Do let me know if I made any mistakes because I suck at Maths, still.

high cpc monthly income

As you can see you will make $6.64$ daily and around 200$ a month just for 5,000 visitors and believe me, traffic can be increased over the time with efforts.

For me, My AdSense site has average CTR of 5 if applied to the given equation I'll make more money than that. So, if you're looking to Increase AdSense CTR & CPC, then you can read my article on it.

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Here is the list of High CPC keywords & along with that also an example of High CPC based micro niche sites.


Ranking A Micro Niche Site

Now, we are at the third part of the "Building & Ranking a Niche Site." This step involves off-page stuff.

This is the same process I follow to give a boost to my niche sites, and you can do the same.

However, in the beginning, days, try to squeeze the ranking with on-page alone and when you make it to the top 7 page or so, then you can start following this process for maximum benefit, i.e., for boost in ranking.

Social Signals~ Easiest Way To Get Social Signals [No Shit]​

We know that social signals give a definite boost to ranking, and every SEO consultant suggests the same thing. But, how one is supposed to get social signals without revealing his niche site.

Sounds legit, right?

You & I is not supposed to share the link of our niche site with anybody else. When I talk about social signals, I'm talking about Google+ & Twitter.

And, we all know that one can't simply get Google likes from Google communities because it's way hard, and doesn't worth all the efforts we put in, right?

So, here is the trick to get social Signals on your niche site.

1. Register an account on KingdomLikes.com . It's a social like and share-based site and being a blogger we can use this site for our purposes. 

2. From there, you've to like the social stuff of the audience who is running their accounts and campaigns there. And, in the return, you will get the points for completing the task. 6, 7, 8, 10 points depending on each task.

You can select any platform like youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram​, and Google +

Here is an example from one of my Kingdom account.​

social signal for micro niche site

3. For every 50 clicks a day you'll get added bonus of 250 points.

​4. After collecting some points, you can add your own page in the kingdom likes to get the social signals.

There are several networks, you can choose any one of them, but I prefer Google+ over ​all networks. 

Here is the process to start your own campaign for niche site project​

Click on Add page button to begin the process.

Type: Select what kind of signals you need. Like, you can select Google+ likes & shares.

Countries: You can get country specific signals by choosing a specific country.

Title: You can give title to you campaign. I choose site name and post name to remember the campaigns.

Total & Daily Click: You can set the limit if you want to spend specific points on campaigns.

CPC: You can select the cost per click for your campaigns where the minimum is 4 & maximum is 10. You can select the one accordingly. Remember, higher the CPC more the click on your link and faster the process.

social signals

You can keep an eye on your campaigns through "My Sites" section. Here is an image from my dashboard.

social signals for micro niche site

Thus using this process you can get a ton of social signals direct to your site and it will definitely help you to boost the ranking.

Backlink Strategy~ Sweet & Simple

Web 2.0 Properties: For me, Web 2.0 linking strategy has been very effective. It's one of the best ways to build quality backlinks to your site. 

You should respect the authority of web 2.0s site. I've one site that I ranked alone with links from few web2.0s. All of them were having PA 30+ . Thus, it gave an immense boost to my niche site.

Let’s say you’ve 10 web 2.0s and each web2.0 has a PA of 30 and, then you pass a backlink to your money site from those 10 web2.0s, then the ranking of your site will skyrocket.

​Must Read: List of Web 2.0 Properties & How to use them Effectively

Comment Links: Once my site makes it to the top 3 pages I give a boost to the ranking by commenting on relevant sites. 

I don't care the fact about no-follow or do-follow tags because diversification is important to save yourself from the penalty. And, no-follow comments still help to improve the ranking.

Forum Links: Forum is one of the best places to build anchor text based backlinks. However, I see, newbie bloggers often suck at it because they are unable to find a forum for backlinking.

Let's say you have a niche site in a health niche. What you've to do is type in Google "Health Related Forums" & then join them one by one. If out of 10 forums 3 forums allow you to have signature backlinks, then you will have three high-quality backlinks pointing back to your niche site.

Profile, Video Sharing, Document Sharing Backlinks

To diversify my links, I build profile links, video sharing site links, document sharing site links and much more. They not only to improve the ranking but also save you from the penalty.

​Here is the list of 21 Authority Links By Online Dimes

My Results With The Same Process

Though I'm still learning & experimenting the things still, I managed to get traffic to my niche blogs. Here are the attachments from my niche sites. There is a bug in webmaster right now so ignore that blank space.

micro niche ranking

Another One

niche ranking


Building a micro niche site is one the best ways to learn SEO & rack some real dollars. 

There is no point of learning if you've no guts for executing.

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I'm still learning but at the same time busy executing. All you have to do is pick a keyword that has less competition and has good buyer intent (if affiliate based site) and start writing about it.

You can rank a niche site with a span time between a month or 6 months depending upon your experience and efforts.

If you guys enjoyed the content, then comment down below and share the article on your favorite social media platforms.

WAIT - I've Something to Tell!

It's Sept-3-2017 (the day I'm adding this lill. message). Things have been changed in the SEO industry. I've learned a lot (all based on my personal SEO experiments). I've whole lot of new information, but my schedule doesn't allow me to make a separate article. However, this process is still relevant but make sure you don't over optimize your article/s and try to keep your backlink profile as clean as possible 🙂 Good luck guys.