Being a blogger for a year, I can’t deny the fact that, ”Optimizing  WordPress Images is very essential.”

It not only helps us to attract the audience but also helps us to get organic traffic.SEO images bring traffic to the blog depending on the blog niche.

In On-Page Optimization & Off-Page optimization, experts talk about Image Optimization for the blog.Because, it really matters now for ranking. It’s is hard to rank on google, so it is important for you to optimize your WordPress images to get search engine traffic.

Reasons To Optimize Images for WordPress or any Blog.

Green tick Help you to get organic traffic through ‘Images’ section.

Green tick Help you to build backlinks if you make your own images.

Green tick Help you to bring traffic from social networks like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter & Reddit.

Green tick Help your reader to stick with your articles.Which ultimately help you to reduce the bounce rate & Increase conversion rates.

Sources To Get Free Images for Your Blog

Google images are protected by copyrights, which means you can’t use these images displayed on google, these belongs to their respective owners.

Even if you accidentally take an image for your blog from google, It might get you in big trouble.So, the very first thing you have to do is find right images for your blog, which can be done easily.

PS- These free sources don’t have a large number of pictures  because they’re free & it is possible that it has been already used on many other blogs.

Pixabay: Pixabay is a good platform to find quality images for your blog posts & these all image are free to use as they come under Public domain images.You can use any image in your blog post without giving credit to the owner (you can, in case if you want) 


Pixaby to find free, high-quality images

List of other similar websites to find free Images for your blog posts.

Public Domain Pictures: It is a website to find high-quality images for free.

Morguefile: It has over 26 million images, videos & vectors for the public.All images are free and require no attribution.

Flickr: It is well-known website/app to find free images.You can also upload, access, organize, edit, and share your photos from any device, from anywhere in the world.

Optimize WordPress Images for Better Organic Traffic

  • Use Right Name To Images 

The very first thing that comes into my mind to optimize WordPress Images/or any platform is, picking & giving up the right name to your images.It can be done so easily.

By default, most of the images comes with the name like img1.jpeg which is a wrong name.These names are n’t relevant to the images, they don’t describe what picture is about.So before you upload an image make sure it has the right name.If it hasn’t then you simply edit the name & keep the name relevant to it.

For example-If I’m uploading an image of ‘cricket bat’ then I will give it a name cricket-bat.jpeg.Make sure you separate the words with the dash symbol (-).

It makes more sense, it also helps google bots to understand the image as well as it is human readable.

The Right File/Image Name To Pick For Optimizing WordPress Images.

check-X Image1.jpeg

✖ cricketbat.jpeg

check-X cricket-bat.jpeg

  • Image Compression-To Reduce The Image Size

We use  high-quality images for our blog, which is good.But it comes up with the large size which greatly increases the load time of your blog & web-pages, which is not a good SEO factor.

So, it becomes quite important for you to compress the images but at the same time you should keep in mind that it doesn’t affect the quality of the images for the better user-experience.

In my case, I’m using a great freemium plugin named Wpsmush plugin.It helps you to smash the images to reduce the size of Images.The golden feature of wp Smush is that even after reducing the image’s size the quality of Image remains same.You don’t have to do anything yourself, whenever you will upload an image it will compress the size of the image itself.Here is an example

Wp smush for image optimization

  • Use The ALT Text For The Images

 I’ve discussed earlier in the first point that google bots can’t read the images as they are not humans.Google bots read the alt tags to understand what images is all about.So, if you’re not using the ALT Tags for the images then you’re really missing out some organic traffic.

So, How to use ALT text for the best results?

Whenever you upload an image in WordPress it let you add the ALT text to the image.All you have to do is choose keyword rich words for your images.Here are few points to remember while adding ALT text to the images.

  1. It should be keywords rich.
  2. It should be relevant to the image & image name.
  3. It shouldn’t be much shorter & much longer in the length.

Here is an example which will help you to understand how to use ALT text for the image. (In case, If I upload an image named Cricket-Bat.jpeg image)

Alt=”Cricket Bat image”

Image Description

Images description is used to briefly explain about images.Actually It has nothing do with the ranking but you can get more targeted traffic using it.

Let me give you an example.Consider I upload an Image of ‘Jennifer Lopez’  but in the description I can write more about the pic like, ”Jennifer Lopez with short skirt” ”Jennifer Lopez with new dress at NewYork”

I will not force you to use it, but it can certainly help you get more targeted traffic.

Format of The Image

There are mainly 3 formats used worldwide- png, jpeg, gif but did you ever though which is the best format for your blog?

People don’t consider it as a big deal.But if your website is totally based on the picture & wallpaper then you need to consider it as an important aspect.Let me share with you the difference between these three formats.

GIF format- It is a lossless compression file format & limited to 256 colors.GIF is a good choice for text & iconic graphics at a small file size.

JPG format- It is a commonly used format for the images.It is a loosy compressed file format.JPEGS are better suited for photographs as they contain many colors.

PNG format- It is a lossless compression file format, which makes it a common choice for use on the Web.

From the above formats, JPEG & PNG have really tough competition.But according to professional bloggers .JPEG has a little edge over PNG as .JPEG pics are smaller in size which let your web-page load at good speed.

Remove The HyperLink from Images

When you upload an image in WordPress it automatically add a link to the image to the image location/path like /wp-content/uploads folder.It passes a link juice to not non-essential image page.

It makes your pic clickable, It means if any of the visitor accidentally click on the image it will open an another page with the image.Which ultimately distract your audience.

You can easily remove the hyperlink.Whenever you upload an image in WordPress you get an option named ‘Link To’ & from here pick none, as shown in the picture, it will remove the hyperlink from the images.

remove hyperlink to optimize WordPress images

optimize WordPress Images


GEO locations

Geo locations feature is not recommended for everyone.It is used to target local traffic & it can help you to keep an extra edge over your local competitors.

For example if you’re targetting traffic from India then,
Image Name Should be Like This:-


Image ALT text should be like this:-

Best Indian Cricket Bat

ConclusionIf you want to increase your blog/website traffic then you should consider ‘Image Optimization’ as important aspect.I tried to compile everything in the article without adding an extra shit.

If you have any question regarding this posts, then don’t hesitate to ask & If you loved my work don’t forget to share with your friends 🙂