Today we are going to discuss ‘Tips to reduce bounce rate bounce of a WordPress blog.’ These tactics will also work for bloggers who’re using another CMS for their blogs like Blogger.But I’m targetting this post for WordPress users only because I didn’t use any other platform for blogging & majority of bloggers are now using WordPress.

So, before I dive in, I would like to discuss Bounce Rate in the detail 🙂

What is the bounce rate of a blog?

In simple words, Bounce rate of a blog is a metric that inform you how many visitors landed on your web pages & then left them without checking your other web pages.In other words, your site’s single page visitors.

What is Low Bounce Rate & High Bounce Rate of a Blog?

Low Bounce Rate Blogs– Low Bounce rate blogs are those blogs which transform their one-page visitors to multi-page visitors.

High Bounce Rate Blogs– High Bounce rate blogs are those blogs which fail to transform their one-page visitors to multi-page visitors.

Let, There are two blogs A&B on the same topic.Now further suppose that these both blogs got 100 visitors on the same day.

-Blog A converted its 60 Single-page visitors to Mutli-page out of 100 Visitors.

-Blog B converted its 40 Single-page visitors to Mutli-page out of 100 Visitors.

Now, let’s do some Calculation-

 Blog A – 40/100= 0.4 BR (Low Bounce Rate)

 Blog B – 60/100= 0.6 BR (High Bounce Rate)

You can see blog A got low bounce rate.It  clears that Blog A is attracting its visitors more than Blog B.

From the above statement, it is clear that Low Bounce Rate is must even if your blog is getting hundreds or thousands of visitors.But, let me discuss some advantages of Low Bounce Rate.

Advantage of Low Bounce Rate 🙂

1- A Low bounce rate blog ranks higher on google than high bounce rate blog.
2-A Low bounce rate blog makes you more money than a high bounce rate blog.

How To Check Bounce Rate of a Blog?

There are two common ways to check your blog’s loading time.One we can check through Google Analytic & second through Alexa.I will share the easiest one.

Check Blog Bounce Rate Using Alexa

1.First of all visit Alexa Website

2.Now enter your blog URL in the search box & Click on Find.


3. A new window will popup.Just scroll down & you will see your blog’s bounce rate.


You can See ShouterBuzz Have 47.00% Bounce Rate which is pretty Impressive for a one month blog.

Ankit Singla Shares The Chart of Bounce Rate which will help you to consider wether you’re doing good or not.

  • Excellent Bounce Rate – Around or lower than 20%
  • Good Bounce Rate – Around or lower than 40%
  • Average Bounce Rate – 50 to 60%
  • Poor Bounce Rate – Over 75 to 80%

Tips To Reduce Bounce Rate of WordPress Blog

1.Your Blog’s Loading Time.

Your site’s loading time plays a vital role In bounce rate.Generally mobile users expect a blog to load in 4 Sec.Doesn’t matter how informative your blog’s articles are but if your blog’s loading time is more than 4 seconds then you will definitely lose a lot of traffic.Which results into the decrease of your blog’s ranking in search engine.

Who will care about your blog if there are other blogs are loading under 4 seconds? Well, NOBODY.Therefore, It’s important to improve your blog’s loading time.

Quick tips:

2. Your Blog’s Theme/Design

There is a saying ‘Your First Impression is the Lasting Impression’ & the same applies for your blog as well.Free themes are n’t well designed plus they are not as responsive as premium themes.

So, It is important you use a premium theme for your blog.I don’t say use the one which is very colorful, I’m talking about a theme which should clean & responsive.So that people can easily read your articles & navigate everywhere on your blog.

Quick tip-  Use Genesis Premium Themes 🙂

3. Publish Quality Articles

Every method will fail if you’re not posting Quality articles & not giving value to your readers.So, make sure you’re writing informative articles that help your readers & let them stick to your blog.

According to NeilPatel, longer the articles better the results, which is a quite true statement for competitive niches.Longer articles help you to reduce you blog’s bounce rate because they’re more informative.

QuickTip- Tips to Write SEO Friendly Articles 🙂

4. Enable Related Posts Feature

It is important to display Related posts on your blog.It helps a lot to reduce the bounce rate of your blog.When readers finish reading the article they may like to read other contents related to that article.So it is quite obvious that you should enable this feature on you blog, which is quite easy.

For example- I Visit a blog and reading an article’ How To Reboot a Smart Phone’ suppose after reading this article, In similar content section there is an article with title ‘ Things To Remember Before Rebooting Smart your Phone ‘ then I will open this content because I can’t simply ignore the proper aspects which should I remember before rebooting my smartphone.

Quick tip- Use Jetpack Plugin or YARPP plugin to enable this feature.

5. Interlinking Method (Also Imp. in SEO)

Interlinking is an another way to reduce your blog’s bounce rate.You must interlink to you blog articles in every article, If possible.This doesn’t only help you to reduce the blog bounce rate but also helps you to keep you old blog articles alive.Interlinking is also an important aspect of SEO.You can interlink articles manually or you can use a plugin.

Quick tip- You can use SEO Smart Links plugin 🙂

PS- Suggest me if you know another free Interlinking article & works well.

6. Errors Free Article

While writing this point, I’m feeling little Awkward because I’m also trying to Improve my grammar.We all know nobody likes to read an article with RIP grammar mistakes.So, it is important for you to improve your grammar & make your blog article’s mistakes free & It really helps you to reduce bounce rate.

Quick tip- Proofread Your Blog Articles Using Grammarly

7. Use Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin (Premium)

You must be thinking how a plugin can help me to reduce my site’s bounce rate.Let me tell you how this plugin works.

When a visitor lands to your blog’s article through google or social-media & then hits on back button but you can redirect the visitor to another web-page of your choice & believe it will reduce your blog bounce rate instantly

Apart from that, this plugin can be used to increase your affiliate sale.Guess How?

Ok, let me tell you how.In this plugin, you can choose any web page according to your choice.So there, you can enter your product’s review post.So, when you readers will click on the back button then it will redirect them to your review’s post.

Quick tip- Download ZeroBounce plugin 🙂

8. Improper use of Ads

I’m blogging since one year & I find this thing as the worst thing in the blogging.I Don’t say don’t use ads on your blog.But use it in a proper way.When a visitor lands your site & see that much google ads at Left, Right, top, bottom sides of you blog then visitor gets disappointed & Irritated.

Because these ads distract the visitors from reading your article.In the result, the visitor   left your blog without checking you other articles.Hence Your Site’s bounce rate Increases.So it is important to use ads in a proper way.

Quick Tip- Don’t use more than 2 ads on your blog 🙂

conclusion–  Bounce rate can be reduced, but it takes time & lower bounce rate blogs tend to make the higher conversion rates.But, this can not happen overnight.It’s a slow process. If your blog is getting traffic then you should stand-up & follow these steps so that you can become a stand-up blogger.