Revealed-Top 5 Blogging Myths.Do you Know?

Top 5 Blogging Myths.Do you know?–  Article’s Title sounds like I’m going to share your story, Isn’t It?

Well, Before launching your own blog you may have a chat with your blogger friends (Mostly the Social Medias Friends) & they taught you some basics & highlights of blogging. Which made you pretty excited about blogging & no doubt now you have your own blog.

But with the passage of time you must be realized that Blogging is n’t what it taught to me. Obviously, I’m one of them. This is the reason today I’m representing you:-

Revealed: Top 5 Blogging Myths.

#1 Making Money Via Adsense is So Easy

Blogging Myths

Well, when I planned to launch my own blog. Then I started Investigating about Blog & Its factor. We all know that more than 90% people starts Blog to Earn Money, without any doubt & Obviously I’m one of them. Here is the conservation between me & my friend about blogging.

Me- Brother, Can we really earn Money through Blog?

He- Yes off cause.

Me- Well, How many visitors I require to earn 100$ via Adsense?

He- Well, around 10,000.

Me- oh yes I can easily do that.

After Launching My Own Blog- I got 5000 visitors in the very first month. Do you know much I earned via Adsense?

-Well, Only 5$.
Then later on I started reading few SEO blogs to clear about Money Factor doubt. Then I learned Money via Adsense depends on your Blog Niche, Quality of Contents & Traffic.

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2.Writing One Article Daily & Then Rest Left On Your Luck

Wow, That’s Great you know. After Launching my own blog, my first target was writing 1 Article daily. After writing one article daily, all I was doing is nothing. But, there was nothing to enjoy with traffic stats.After my research on Google. I learned that after writing good articles Don’t Just Sit Down Start promoting them.

  • Share them on Facebook
  • Share Them on Twitter
  • Share Them on Stumble Upon
3.Keep Your Articles Short

Blogging Myths

That’s freaking awesome & funny as well; All you need to do is publish 1 article daily & that too short of a length. According to my friends Nobody read long posts. It is something I followed for 1 week. I was writing an article & I was completing It between 300 to 400 words. It was the biggest mistake I was doing. But after a week I started writing long posts & I really felt the difference.

The truth is long articles ranks higher than short articles. Because long articles cover everything. So if you are still busy wasting your time writing short articles, then I would like to say that leave this tactic. Write In-depth articles at least between 600-700 words.

4.Pick a Niche that Have Demand

Demand blogging Myth

I know this heading sounds better than other headings. But, if you following this tactic before you are launching your own blog then you are setting a damn good trap for yourself. It’s not about which topic is profitable. It’s about in which topic your are Interested.

My first blog niche was ‘Tips & Tricks’.After writing 5-6 articles on Trick, I found myself in a Mud. I had no Idea What to post. Therefore when you start a blog the first thing you must keep in your mind is your interest towards a particular Niche.
5. You Need Money to Make Your Blog Popular

When you are new to the blogosphere, you think you need premium products for your blog to engage visitors to your blog. But this is n’t how you are going to please Google! You need Good Articles & Well SEO Optimized Blog that’s it.Listen to me! Spend your money on Domain & good hosting rest is optional. Many blogs are earning handsome amount of money with minuscule budget of the blog

Conclusion: – These are The 5 Blogging myths I heard before launching my own blog. I Shared these 5 Blogging Myths with you so that if you are about to start your own blog then you can take care of these 5 Blogging Myths.

If you think I have missed something in my article, then don’t forget to comment it!

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