Tips to Prevent Your Blog Posts from Getting Copied


Tips to protect your blog posts from getting copied 🙂

We write blog posts to provide the best value to our blog readers.It took us time to write such educative & informative articles, Isn’t it?

But, the problem is that not everyone writes articles by themselves.Few of bloggers especially newbies & black hatters tends to copy the articles from other blogs, which is terrible.

Not only that sometimes those stolen articles ranks well on google than the original articles because of good DA&A (DomainAuthority & DomainAge) of thieves websites than your websites.

We can’t stop content plagiarism by 100%, but at least we can do some efforts to make it hard for thieves to steal/copy our blog posts.

Tips to protect your blog posts from getting copied

3 Most-Common reasons of content plagiarism 

1. It is easy to copy-paste anything, just a work of seconds.

2. Scrappers can scrap your  RSS-Feed.

3. Bloggers don’t use watermark on their content pictures.

Tips to Prevent Your Blog Posts from Getting Copied

Disable Right-Click on your blog 

Prevent Your Blog Posts from Getting Copied

This is the easiest way for thieves to copy your article.So, by disabling Right-Click on your blog you can easily dispirit the scrappers to copy/scrap your blog posts. Although, still it is possible to copy the content through various methods but still by disabling it you can stop plagiarism by 70%, believe me.

We can disable right-click feature on WordPress easily by using WP-CopyProtect plugin in WordPress.

Register your site at DMCA

The DMCA .com is a Protection Badge guarantees that online criminals and content thieves hesitate before copying your original material. All you need to do is register and embed a DMCA .com Protection Badge on your blog/website.

when you embed this logo in your website it means your content shouldn’t be reproduced again on any other online platform otherwise Google can take down your website.So, it is enough to scare the shit out of Scrappers.

DMCA for content plogiarism

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Tweak RSS-Feeds of Your Blog

Most of scrapper are powered with RSS platform.So, whenever you publish blog posts on your blog, then RSS feed of your blog gets updated & notify the scrapper about it.So, they can copy your article in few seconds & republish them on their automated blogs.

But by changing your full blog feed into partial feed your contents changes to the few words summary with [Read More] function.Which avoid automated blogs to copy your content & with this way scrapped contents don’t get indexed in Google.

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Use Copyscape Service

 By using Copyscape, you can see if someone is copying your article or not.But it is n’t a free service you need to pay 5 cents for every search.But it is really worth to spend 5 cents if you love your blog contents.

Watermark Your Content Images

Whenever you create your own image, then it is important to use watermark  on the image.So, that nobody copies your image.It discourages scrapper to copy your content images & even if scrapper shares it, It display your website watermark/logo which tells their audience that this image is copied from your website.

You can use Watermark WP Image Protect for this purpose.

Watermark WP Image Protect allows you to watermark all the images on your site. Unlike other watermarking techniques and plugins, the original images are unaffected and you do not need to edit or re-upload the images, it is done automatically for you on-the-fly.

ConclusionThese simple methods can stop noobs to copy your blog posts.Moreover, it let you grow as an authority.After Google panda updates it’s is highly recommended for you to save your contents from getting copied by large number sites, which may result as Google Panda penalty.


Deepak Rana

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Gaurav - September 4, 2015

Great Post Deepak. I have a question for you.
How did you managed to get your Adsence approved within 3 months, as I think your domain is 3 months old and in India it requires atleast 6 months for a domain to get approved as per Google Adsence guidelines?

Bigwas - September 4, 2015

RSS Scraper, thats new to me. I have to read more to know how to prevent original content from being scrapped. I no longer watermark my images. I use images from free sources like morguefile.

    Deepak Rana - September 4, 2015

    yes, before you add watermark to images collected from the free source you should read the rules&regulation of the company so that if they allow or not.
    All other things are mentioned in the article I hope it will help you.Keep visiting 🙂

Lindsey - October 8, 2015

I was just looking at your Tips to Prevent Your Blog Posts from Getting Copied site and see that your site has the potential to become very popular.


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