It’s good to see that you have chosen WordPress as your blogging platform.You are on the right path if you want to build your blog as a brand & want to earn from it.

Most of the people get excited after installing the WordPress & start posting & promoting, Which is good though but there are numbers of thing to do after installing WordPress.By default, WordPress is n’t well optimized for SEO as well as for their user.

Therefore, before you start your online business after installing WordPress here is a-

To Do List: After Installing WordPress

1. Delete Default WordPress Post, Page & Plugin

After installing WordPress, you can see there is already a sample page published on your blog.This post & page is published for WordPress users as a sample.

Steps To Delete Default WordPress Page 

after installing wordpress

  1. Navigate to Pages & there choose All pages option.
  2. There you can see the sample page now click on trash to delete it.

Steps To Delete Default WordPress Post

after installing wordpress

  1.  Navigate To Posts & there choose All posts option.
  2. There you can see the default post with title Hello World now click on trash to delete it.

Steps To Delete Default Plugin- Hello Dolly

after installing wordpress

  1. Navigate to plugin option & there choose Installed plugin option.
  2. There you can see Hello Dolly plugin & under the plugin’s option click on delete to delete the plugin.

2. Set up The Site Title, Tagline, Timezone & Date

After cleaning up the extra stuff, you have to set up the title, tagline, timezone & date for your blog.Site title is generally the name of your blog.

Steps to set up the title, tagline, timezone & date after Installing WordPress

  1. To change/set up these settings head over to setting option.
  2. Now from the pop-up options choose General option to change these settings.

Now set the title & tagline according to your choice (Make sure they are relevant to your blog topic)

after installing wordpress

Now, scroll down & there you will see the option to change the timezone & date for your blog. (It should match to your country time & date)

after installing wordpress

3. Change Your Webpage’s Permalink Structure

What are permalinks– Permalinks are the URL of your blog posts which shows in the address bar.Here is an example of it.


In this pic, you can see the permalink.Search Engine Bots & people can easily  read it.

But, unfortunately, By default WordPress uses web URLs which have question marks and lots of numbers in them, however, WordPress offers you the ability to create a custom URL structure for your permalinks and archives.

To make your web posts, permalinks/URLs SEO & human-friendly you have to change the permalink structure to post name.

Steps To Change The Permalink Structure after Installing WordPress

  1. Navigate to Setting &  there choose permalinks option.
  2. In permalink’s option change the structure from default to the post name.

after installing wordpress 4. Install Your Theme

A theme is the skin of your blog.Make sure It is attractive, responsive and premium.I personally recommend you to use Genesis Framework as a parent theme.

How  To Install theme in WordPress  

For this purpose, you need zip file of your theme (If you haven’t purchased any premium theme then you have to purchase it)

1. Navigate to appearance & there choose themes option.

delete theme after installing the wordpress

2. on the top there is option add themes, Click  on upload option to add your theme.

after installing wordpress

3. Click on Choose File to upload your theme. It will unpack your theme.After that a message will appear activate theme, click on it & your theme will be activated.after Installing WordPress

 5. Delete Unused Themes (Installing The WordPress)

In the beginning, new blogger test number of themes but they don’t delete the themes after the selection of theme.In WordPress, even unused themes need updates & apart from that it makes a bride for hackers to break into your WordPress dashboard.

So, If you are one of them who hadn’t deleted the unused themes then go ahead, delete them.

Steps To Delete Unused Themes after Installing WordPress

1. Navigate to appearance & there choose themes option.

2. Click  on Add New option to add your theme

2.Now, you can see the themes that you had been installed.

3.Hover you mouse pointer on theme & then an option will appear ”Theme Detail’ Click On it.

delete themes after installing the wordpress

4.Now, click on delete option.It is available on the bottom end of a right side in the theme.

delete themes after installing the wordpress


5. Update Your Ping List Ping List (Installing The WordPress)

When you publish/modify your SEO Friendly Contents  then WordPress notify all ping services about your article.This way, ping services knows about your article which helps you to index your blog article/webpage.

Unfortunately, by default, WordPress includes only  one ping service.But we can extend this list, LUCKILY.Here is the list of ping services compiled by ShoutMeLoud owner HarshAggarwal.I will teach you to update your ping list with these ping services list.

Steps to update ping list (Installing WordPress)

1. Navigate your mouse to setting & there you choose writing option.

2.Copy this ping list then add this list in ping list section & click on save.


6. Install WordPress Plugins & Activate them.

No doubt,  WordPress without plugins is like leaving your life without oxygen, that couldn’t happen.WordPress plugin helps newbie bloggers to run their new blogs without programming knowledge.Which is good for every blogger.

So here I compiled a list of few plugins which are must use plugins for every WordPress users.

Plugin #1- WordPress SEO by Yoast (FOR SEO)

after installing wordpress

WordPress SEO stands first in the list of Best WordPress Plugins.It has over 1+ million active Installs.It helps you to write better contents because it enables features like- adding meta-description, meta-titles & meta-tags for your content.

Apart from that it helps you generate XML of your WordPress blog which you need when you submit your website to major search engines like Google & Bing.

Plugin #2- W3 Total Cache (To Speed Up Website)

Installing wordpress

W3 Total cache plugin is a caching plugin.It generates HTML files that are served directly by Apache without processing comparatively heavy PHP scripts.In this way, it helps your site to load fast which helps to make your website more google friendly.

Plugin #3-Login Lockdown (Enhance Your Site Security)

insalling wordpress

By default, WordPress allow their users to try as much login attempts they can to login into blog’s dashboard, which is good though.But, unfortunately with this way hackers can reveal your blog’s password by using brute-force attack method.

Therefore, It’s very Important to set up limits for login attempts for your blog.By using Login Lockdown, It sets a limit for login attempts.In case if you forget your own password & reach to limits then It will send you  a confirmation mail to your google profile.There you can change you password & try again.

Plugin #4-BackUpWordPress (For Backup)

installing wordpress

It is a free backup plugin provided by WordPress.It helps you to backup your entire site including your database and all your files on a schedule that suits you. Try it now to see how easy it is!

PS- This plugin requires PHP version 5.3.2 or later.

Plugin #5- WP Smush(To Reduce Size of Images)

after installing wordpress

Wp Smush is a pretty good plugin.It helps to smash the images to reduce the size of Images which ultimately helps to load your web page with faster speed.The golden feature of wp Smush is that even after reducing the images size the quality of Image remains same.

Ps- I personally Love this plugin & use it to reduce the size of  images that i use my blog posts.

Since I cann’t cover all top plugins therefore I compiled a list of Best WordPress Plugins-Top 12.

What’s Next-

Conclusion:- These are the basic things which you should do after Installing the WordPress.Later on you can make changes according to your choice & requirement.

Just don’t stop blogging.It takes time to rank in Google & other search engines.Blog for atleast 6 month & post useful article to see the best traffic.

If you find this article useful then Don’t Forget to share on social sites & comment your openion about this article.