W.O.M- Word-of-Mouth Marketing isn’t something new to business & marketing strategies. They are in existence since ages- If I’m not wrong.

People love to discuss. They talk about services & products. And when they do so, the one thing is sure: your brand will get awareness. 

What is Word-Of-Mouth Marketing?

WOM is the honest sharing of opinion from one consumer to another, and the decisive stage of the consumer decision journey that convinces people to buy your product.It can be in the real conversations  (face-to-face), or it can be on social media & blogs.

In simple words, your existing customers helps you to bring new & potential customers- knowingly or unknowingly.

Size of Your Business:

Word of mouth marketing works for any kind of business’s size: be it a small, medium, or large. People often think that word of mouth marketing works only for big size brands but, fortunately, they are wrong.

Smaller brands have an edge over big companies since the distance between companies’ owners & their customers are very closer says, the chairman of the board of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association.

Misconception About Word-of-Mouth Marketing:

One of the huge misconception about this concept it that it’s only happening online. I agree that marketing system has developed. People prefer reading reviews before purchasing a product but, most of the conversations happen offline i.e., Face-to-Face.

But, a lot of the examples I’ve mentioned are about things you can apply online since I’m focussing on online marketing, apologize for it.

 Word-of-Mouth Marketing For a Business:

To be honest, Word of mouth marketing only possible if you’ve excellent services & products for your customers. If people like your brand & trust your brand, then you don’t have to worry at all. But, in case, you’re giving jerk services, and then, it will affect your business very badly.

Reasons Why People Talk About Your Brand:

People share their words with their friends, family & relatives. They do it randomly. Their impact is enormous on a brand/ business. It’s always great to know what makes people talk about a brand, Isn’t it?

Andy Sernovitz compiled three reasons why people talk about your business or brand.

word of mouth marketing tactics

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I’ve written some of the very successful tips that will make people talk about your business/brand for sure. 

Let’s get started.

1. Reveal What Influencers Talking About Your Brand

People follow influencers for a reason, be it in any industry. People trust them. They listen to them. So, why not reveal & explain what influencers are talking about your brand. 

Every successful brand promotes their product through influencers. You can see it from tv-ads to blog’s homepages or web pages. The actual concept behind this strategy is to make people talk about your product & make them talk conveniently about your brand.

Eventually, It gives value to your business/brand. And your conversion rate skyrocket.

a) If you’ve visited Backlinko then, you may have noticed Brian Dean has displayed what influencers are talking about him, which includes Neil PatelJohn Jantsch, Author of Duct Tape Marketing.

word of mouth marketing for business

b) At successfulblogging, you can see Sue Anne has a widget that describe where her blog is featured or mentioned. It motivates her blog’s audience to believe her blog. Moreover, people trust her blog & accept it as an authority blog. 

word-of-mouth marketing tips & stratigies

So, here the main thing is connecting with influencers in your industry & make them talk about your brand. When it happens then, people will follow your brand & talking about your brand. Hence, your business will be affected by word of mouth marketing for sure.

But, to make influencers talk about your business, you need quality products or services.

2. Be Exceptional

People love something that is interesting or exceptionally well. You can’t swing your product around the world if you’re coming with the boring concepts. You’ve to be exceptional, outstanding & moreover amusing.

You’ve to consider two things before launching your website/product i.e., Being Perfect & Being Unique.

a) Being Perfect: You can’t make it to the top until & unless you’re perfect in your business- believe me I really mean it. If you’re launching a website/product that already exist then, you’ve to come up with ace quality since, you’ve already got decent competition in your field.

Playstation Community (Sony)

The PlayStation Community has done an exceptional job by providing an online space for gamers to connect. Users are able to zone in on their particular interests, whether it be by game, interests, or the type of support they need, and it’s clear to see how the network caters for the pillars of feedback, advocacy, and support.

Moreover, Sony has been dominating in the gaming world since, they’re perfect for building cool gaming stuff.

word of mouth marketing stratigies

b) Being Unique: To turn over a new leaf you need to be innovative. Then, you will have zero competition since, you’re the unique brand in world industries. But, how you come up with new ideas is all up to you.

But, one thing is sure if it is worth talking about then word of mouth marketing will hugely influence your brand.

Instagram has been the most innovative brand of the year. Here is what FastCompany says about Instagram secret success.

Instagram is #1 for its beautiful relationship with the fashion industry….

Instagram is actively positioning itself as the fashion world’s infinitely scrolling newsreel and is creating a premium product inside Facebook. Its in-house team spotlights the most innovative fashion houses, off-duty models, professional photographers, bloggers, and tastemakers, and works with the brands to develop campaigns.

Therefore, in the short span of time Instagram has listed itself on the list of top 10 leading social networks worldwide-2015

word of mouth marketing tactics

3. Your Achievements

Well, this is something that is not new to the marketing world. You may have noticed brands expose their accomplishments. It makes people talk about their brand. Moreover, conversion rate skyrocket. People proud of their brand.

You do the same, Isn’t it?

People own Apple’s products & order Apple’s just right before the launching.


The answer is quite straightforward. They produce best products. Moreover, they have achieved a lot of things in the past.

Not going so far, You may have noticed that on Quicksprout Neil has added his achievements in the bio section that appears in the right sidebar of the blog. It helps him to get more clients & it helps him to promote him in digital marketing via word of mouth marketing. 

I’ve highlighted the main points from his bio section. So, that you can understand what I’m talking about.

word of mouth marketing tactics

4. Customers’ Testimonials & experience

The best way to trigger word of mouth marketing is by treating your existing customers like a goldmine. Solve your customer’s problem. Make their experience remarkable.

And in return, Your brand will earn respect & trust. Your existing customers will be enough to create the buzz about your brand around the world. They will share the genuine opinions about your brand.

The existing customers will make the best impression of your brand. In digital marketing, testimonial works great. Web sites show the testimonials of their current happy customers. These testimonials help them to build a good impression. Moreover, their conversion rate increases.

Studiopress has been a good example of it. They have shown Testimonial on their home page. It helps them to boost the conversion rate. Moreover, with word of mouth marketing they have successfully established  Genesis Framework as word no.1 framework.

word of mouth marketing tactics

People who used your products support your claims. It’s a good idea to use testimonials from the customers that were in a worse situation that the average customer. If even people in terrible circumstances could get the results, so can they!

5. Be the Part of Social Communities 

Social Media marketing is the next BIG thing. It’s the best place to promote your brand. According to Hubspot, 92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was necessary for their business, with 80% indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites. And according to Social Media Examiner, 97% of marketers are currently participating in social media.

Here are the few points I elaborated why social media is important for any kind of business/brand.

word of mouth marketing tactics

PS- These all are the parts of Word of Mouth marketing so, don’t get confused.

a) Brand Awareness: What if your customers didn’t know you ever existed?

That wouldn’t be great, AM I right?

When you get social, you meet new customers. You get some potential clients. People recognize your business/brand. It ultimately gives your brand a good, new & better shape.

b) Communication: The public is more equipped with mobile and social media tools to communicate quickly about your brand – good or bad. It means that establishing a strong reputation for excellent products or services, integrity in your business practices and community involvement are even more critical to long-term success.

c) Spotlight: This is the amazing part of social media marketing. You can be in the spotlight with your new upcoming products, services or contents. This makes an enormous impact- believe it or not.

6. Controversial Marketing Strategies

word of mouth marketing tactics

Controversial or ‘shock advertising’ is concerned with the use of material that is intended to provoke the audience, often through the use of compelling imagery and content.

Controversial advertising is used to draw attention to a product or service by standing out from the advertising ‘clutter’ and generating publicity. Controversial marketing strategies are one of the best methods to increase the ‘world of mouth’ conversion for a brand. 

According to scientists, shocking ads bring out stronger feelings among consumers, with the ad getting more attention, remaining in the memory and influencing behavior as well. Incidentally and not surprisingly, advertising that is shocking tends to be recalled better than regular advertising.

Entrepreneur has compiled a list of top 5 Controversial ads of the year.

7. Quality Contents

Content is the king. By content, I mean T.V ads, youtube videos, infographics, Memes, Product reviews, Podcast (Don’t get yourself limited to  blog articles)

You can make people talk about your brand with quality contents.  It’s a great way to keep your customers up to date with your services & products.

When you are consistent people will talk about your contents with their friends and family.

word of mouth marketing tactics

If you’re updating your services, then, you should announce them to your existing customers & future customers using your content marketing services. ItThis will make people talk about your business.

Remember the launch of ‘Window 10’ this year by Microsoft. It all started from content marketing and it went viral in a few hours.

8. Be Consistent & Honest

Be consistent with your good services. Keep updating your services. So, that you don’t lose your customers & give a reason to talk to people about your business.

Think for a second:-

What If iPhone stops launching new versions of iPhone?

What If Microsoft stops launching the new version for Windows users?

The answer is quite obvious they will become the part of the future. Their brand will be a dead leaf very soon. Therefore, It’s important to keep updating services & make sure you remain honest with your customers. Display what you actually offer otherwise word-of-mouth marketing will backfire your brand/business.

9. Conclusion (Additional tip)

Word-of-mouth marketing is the part of branding. You don’t need to be in the sexy industry to be a part of this marketing. It works for every size of business.

Moreover, it’s the free form of advertising but, still it adds more value than paid advertising.

It’s a little tough to make your brand successful for word-of-mouth marketing, but you need to put your efforts.

The tips I’ve mentioned are extremely successful in World-of-Mouth marketing. Apply them & you’ll notice the results.

If you’ve, any additional tips don’t forget to mention it out in the comment section. And don’t forget to share this article with your online followers 🙂